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Release notes

Release Description

August 2, 2010
  • Important – Service memory fixes:
    • Fixed 2 memory issues causing the BackupAssist Service’s memory usage to continually increase when performing backups
    • One of these issues is specific to mailbox backups, so mailbox jobs will see the biggest improvement
  • Important - Mailbox backup fixes:
    • Fixed “X.pst not found” issue
    • Fixed ArgumentOutOfRangeException bug during mailbox backups when using no grouping period (single pst)
    • Fixed Exchange 2010 support on servers without Public Folders (previously getting BA1883 error with “fail one provider” message on these systems)
    • Fixed issue causing mailbox retrieval to fail if the number of mailboxes is larger than the default server fetch limit (1000 or 1500 depending on AD version)
    • Fixed “false positive” -1073741819 exit code (when a dummy session is required to patch Exchange MAPI)
    • Fixed NullReferenceException caused when there is a problem retrieving the mailboxes to backup
    • New: upgrade ability for exbackup
    • Enhanced: simplified reporting
  • Important – Zip fix:
    • Fixed bug causing the zip process to run slowly on some systems
  • Misc:
    • The Backup User Identity screen now warns users if the BackupAssist Service account has been changed from “system”
    • Several minor BackupAssist Restore Console fixes

May 12, 2010
  • Mailbox:
    • Important: Fix for issue with “ANSI PST using Exchange” problem where pst files may not be updated in some cases, including a recovery UI on initial run of console after upgrade
    • New: Added mailbox backup support for Exchange 2010
      • NOTE: Outlook 2010 is not yet supported
      • NOTE: you will need to upgrade to the latest version of Exchange MAPI, which you can do with the BackupAssist Console
    • Fix the process’s execution environment so that MAPI loads properly in more scenarios (should avoid MAPI_E_NOT_INITIALIZED errors and possibly even MAPI_E_UNCONFIGURED)
    • Multiple mapi configuration errors are now detected and fixed automatically in the mapisvc.inf file (eg. “item not found” and MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND)
    • NOTE: in UAC environments this may require temporarily allowing edits to the mapisvc.inf file in the system32 dir (syswow64 on 64bit machines)
    • Automatically remove invalid characters when building the .pst path and filename
    • New facility to automatically upgrade to the latest version of the Exchange 2007 MAPI client from within BackupAssist
    • Diagnose the “ambiguous name” error when Backup User Identity has a mailbox “alias” or “display name” that is similar to another mailbox(es), along with several other common problems
    • Several Public Folder backup fixes
    • Note: if BA1893 errors are encountered (fatal crash), you will need to upgrade to the latest version of Exchange 2007 MAPI, which you can do with the BackupAssist Console
    • Fixed scheduling bug preventing Mailbox jobs from being run manually after midnight (also fixes this for SQL jobs)
    • Improved Exchange MAPI version number reporting
    • The plain text report is now output using current globalization settings
  • Rsync:
    • Fix UI issue when switching between ssh configuration and rsync options for "rsync daemon over ssh tunnel"
    • Fix UI issue after changing the tunnel settings for “rsync daemon over ssh tunnel”
    • 6885: Escape parentheses in paths when sending to remote rsync to avoid interpretation by the shell.
    • 6914: Fix bug that could prevent SSH tunnel being closed down correctly if user cancelled the "Test Connection" dialogue when using rsync daemon over ssh tunnel.
    • 6914: Fix bug which was preventing restore when using rsync daemon over ssh tunnel.
    • 6628: Seeding will now work with server core (there's a text box available in addition to the browse button)
  • Zip:
    • 6777: Fix “hanging” issue preventing the backup from ever completing
    • 6805: Report a specific condition if a tape drive cannot be set up because the BUI is not an Administrator
    • 6718: Fix a specific exception when run out of disk space at the point of writing the central directory
    • 6887: Handle scenarios where the VSS snapshot fails, like when 3rd party snapshot utilities are preventing VSS from running
    • 7153: Fix tape restores to report failure instead of success, for some tape issues
  • Imaging:
    • 6901: Imaging: fix bug which would cause selection check to fail when backing up volumes with no drive letter assigned.
    • 6898: Imaging: disable file/folder and system state selections for NAS destinations on 2008R2.  They are not supported by wbadmin.
  • CMC:
    • 6888: Improve the message logged for CMC failures that can be caused by some security software blocking the relevant web requests (was showing “incorrect format” exception)
    • Decrease the size of the backup reports sent to CMC, to avoid hitting size limitations on the server
  • Hyper-V Granular Restore Console:
    • By default only show the most recent backups. The remainder can be searched with a single click
    • Added a progress bar during the mounting process
    • In the “select partition” form, don’t allow OK to be pressed unless a partition has been selected
  • Installer: now supported on systems running .Net Framework v4.0
  • Other fixes:
    • 6802: Drives such as RDX and CD now show up for selection in the FilesAndFolders area
    • 6832: Backup catalogue: fix race condition that could potentially cause the incorrect data to be written to the backup catalogue
    • 6894: Prevent some vss problems from affecting the backup
    • 6843: Fixed null ref in GlobalPrinterList
    • 6793: Preventing progress bar from causing exceptions based on value
    • 6643: Fixed possible index out of bounds error in NASOptionsControl
    • Fix for the Exchange consistency check on Exchange 2003 servers: the “/i” parameter is now included properly on the eseutil command line when checking edb files (this prevents stm files from being checked in conjunction with edb files, which would only ever pass after a clean shutdown)
    • Prevent “inner classes aren’t supported” error message from appearing in the log
    • The console now allows additional time for the service to start after an install or upgrade

March 1, 2010
  • Fix: Important release for purchasers of the BackupAssist VM Granular Restore Console Addon – please update to this version immediately.
  • BackupAssist VM Granular Restore Console Addon: Fix license reading issue affecting machines whose trial has expired, causing the Hyper-V Granular Restore Console to report that the machine is not licensed, even if the BackupAssist VM Granular Restore Console Addon has been activated.

February 3, 2010
  • New: File replication & rsync: added an option to keep files on the destination that have been deleted on the source.
  • New: Added support for calendars other than the Gregorian calendar.
  • Fix to the queuing problem causing jobs to run twice.
  • Rsync fixes:
    • Fix so rsync escapes “&” and “;” characters properly
    • Fix so rsync continues files where it left off during a retry, eg. after a network glitch
  • Fixes to the Hyper-V Granular Restore Console:
    • Fix failure where BackupAssist isn’t able to find one or more host files, eg. when  the guest snapshot avhd’s are on a different host drive to the snapshot configuration files - Error messages: “Could not find a part of the path” and  “Couldn't find the desired file in the selected volume(s).
    • Fix so that BackupAssist will automatically “online” vhd disks that are mounted offline for some reason.
  • Fixes to the BackupAssist Restore Console:
    • Fixed bug in the catalogues generated for restore, where user-modified media labels are not saved in the catalogue, and so appear incorrectly in the restore console.
    • Removed “debugging” File open dialog that appears when changing the “Restore ntfs attributes”.
  • Fixed unhandled exception preventing report notifications from printing.
  • Improved handling of Exchange issues in the Exchange selection screen.
  • Fixed bug and enhanced handling of zip engine “IO” exceptions.
  • Added a new fallback method for generating the media usage report for Zip-to-Tape jobs, when the previous method fails

February 3, 2010
  • Important release for those running Zip jobs and those using the CMC – please update to this version immediately.
  • Zip licensing: Fix license reading issue causing standard Zip jobs to report that the machine is not licensed to run Zip jobs. (Not a problem for those with the Zip-to-Tape Add-on license.)
  • Zip jobs: fix exception caused by side-by-side issues on machines haven’t had recent windows updates applied.
  • CMC: Fixed CMC issue causing the "next run time" to be shown incorrectly and causing jobs to be incorrectly highlighted as "No report received".
  • Exchange Consistency Check: fix exception caused by side-by-side issues on machines that haven’t had recent windows updates applied.
  • SQL Transactional Jobs: fix for issue preventing users from editing the schedule for transactional backups if the interval was initially set to a large value in the new job wizard.
  • BackupAssist Restore Console: Fixed recently introduced bug preventing the restore of backups made without the 'Use full path' option.
  • Fixed issue caused when retrying a restore after re-attaching the requested backup drive. Improved the handling of not-found backups.

January 15, 2010
  • Fix for the issue that was preventing jobs from being run manually between midnight and 6am, resulting in “Unable to setup job to start” errors
  • Mailbox: Fix for the reporting issue causing jobs to be failed if zero folders/items were exported
  • Mailbox: Enhanced behaviour for Public Folder backup when the “Always backup these items” advanced option is enabled.

January 8, 2010
  • File replication, rsync and zip: fix a bug introduced in 5.3.3 that broke support for VSS-aware application backup and the Exchange consistency check.
  • Rsync: fix bug which could cause jobs to hang when detailed logging was enabled
  • Restore console: fix rare exception in the UI at the end of a restore
  • Fix to the mailbox export of the "Always backup" items to avoid skipping the selected folders
  • The Hyper-V Granular Restore Console now starts up much faster, avoiding "did I start that already?" confusion
  • Ntbackup: Fix to allow the selection of NAS shares including an IP address as the folder name (as opposed to a NAS server specified by IP address, which ntbackup does not allow)
  • Fix so that if the secondary destination of a Zip or Ntbackup job does not exist, the backup to the primary destination is still executed
  • Zip: the maximum number of open files failing to backup has been increased to 100 to match the File Replication limit
  • Zip: enhancements to handle a couple of unreproducible unhandled exceptions

December 31, 2009
  • New: Hyper-V Granular Restore Console
  • New: SATA support for non-hot-swap SATA controllers - correctly removes the drive after the backup; improved media preparation.
  • New: Intra Day - imaging jobs now support scheduling to run multiple times per day.
  • New: Blu Ray support
    • Blu-Ray drives are now supported on 2008 R2 and Windows 7
    • Fixed Blu-Ray "erase" (applies to all rewritables)
  • Enhanced: "Run now" functionality now gives immediate feedback if the job was immediately queued or failed to start, eg. due to problems with the Backup User Identity like password expiry.
  • Enhanced: Imaging
    • Added up-front detection of wbadmin, and an inbuilt installer for Windows Server Backup.
    • The UI now shows a loading message while it's searching for Hyper-V guests.
    • Added a button to automatically select all drives required to backup all Hyper-V guests (not available on Server 2008 R2).
    • If any Hyper-V guests require a drive that is currently not selected, they are shown at the top of the guest list.
    • Volume selection now warns the user when they select a volume greater than ~2TB (Windows has limited support for these).
  • Fixes:
    • Trial Expiry: the content of the trial expiry warning email has been fixed to specify the correct number of days remaining rather than specifying "{0} days remaining".
    • Server Core and Hyper-V Core machines no longer attempt to call the Windows restore GUI - instead they are prompted to enter wbadmin /? at the console.
    • Fixed a common exception while adding Exchange servers. This most often occurred when the BackupAssist machine was not on a domain.
    • EBS Addin: fixed broken addin registration and icon exception during Refresh.
    • Ntbackup: several minor fixes for rare issues, including a problem preventing backup of directory paths containing "IP addresses".
    • File replication: fix potential arithmetic overflow on 64-bit Windows.
    • File replication: fix possible memory access violation in file replication code.
    • Zip: Fix a zip restore error on certain DAT tape drives.
    • Backup: Fix to improve handling of unicode characters in the file catalogue.
    • SQL Transactional: fixed bug causing invalid historical reports from showing in the reports list after a service restart.
    • Zip: improve error handling during compression and report missed files as skipped.
    • Zip: improve robustness of memory handling.
    • Improved error handling in restore console.
    • Remove invalid options from ntbackup jobs.
    • Fixed a couple of rare exceptions in the UI, including one that occurred when in Prepare Media.

November 25, 2009
  • Enable imaging restore to be launched from the BackupAssist console in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2.
  • Imaging: add support for new features in Windows Server 2008 R2:
    • File and folder level selections and exclusions.
    • System state backup.
  • Rsync: fix bugs in media usage report generation:
    • ignore .catalogues directory
    • don't cache media usage for the mirror scheme
  • File replication: bug fix: if a job had a single file selected and was not using the "use full path" option, then the file would be skipped.
  • Fix potential uncaught null reference exception when obtaining FilesNotToBackup from the registry.
  • Zip engine now supports NTFS streams greater than 64Kb
  • The Zip engine now detects LTO-3 and LTO-4 drives and forces hardware compression. We suggest that customers using these drives set their compression ratio to 'No compression' in the Zip options tab.
  • Zip engine will now switch between absolute and logical blocks depending on tape drive support.
  • Improved error handling for Zip to Tape
  • Mailbox backup now supports mailbox names containing '/' and similar characters
  • Improved error handling for mailbox backups
  • Restore UI now allows files to be restored with or without restoring the security settings.
  • Zip encryption options are now available from the wizard (for zip jobs)
  • UI update to monitoring and reporting of mailbox backups (Exbackup only)
  • Improved error handling for printing reports and job summaries
  • User can no longer edit a job, delete the job from within the edit section, then click the edit the job again from the jobs list view.
  • Minor Netsend address fix
  • 'Estimate size' no longer fails after encountering very long file paths
  • Mailbox: multiple fixes to errors during Public Folder pst backups
  • Mailbox: fixes to unhandled exceptions: "Item already exists" and "One or more of the StartInformation parameters have not been set"
  • Mailbox: added special handling code for the BA-1073741819 error
  • Mailbox: export will now abort correctly if the mailbox list cannot be determined
October 9th, 2009
  • Rsync: Fix for when the "limit maximum data transfer" option is checked,  can now set the maximum transfer amount to over 4GB
  • Zip: Report detail added, list up to 50 files/folders for which the file open or read fails.
  • Zip: Bugfix to handle processors with a large number of cores/cpus [currently a maximum of 10 threads supported]
  • Zip-to-tape: Fix bug preventing the job from finishing after encountering certain errors
  • Zip: Enhancement to allow .vhd and .bkf files to be compressed
  • Zip: Further performance optimization
  • Zip to tape: Fix bug that occasionally terminated the backup early in case of certain API issues
  • File exclusions: Fix bug causing files to still be included incorrectly for some scenarios
  • Rsync: Fix bug so that spaces at the end of server names are now trimmed off
  • Fixed: Bug preventing files and folders from loading in the job setup wizard in some rare scenarios
  • File replication: fix bug in media usage report that was introduced in 5.3.0 and could cause disk usage of previous backups to be overstated.
  • File replication: add option to ignore warnings about skipped reparse points.
  • File replication: new condition BA726 which reports a possible hardware fault if Windows returns a cyclic redundancy check error during the backup
  • Fixed: SQL Transactional bug preventing creation of SQL Transactional jobs, and also effecting upgraded jobs
  • File replication: fix bug which was causing media usage cache files (*.ba files) to be written for jobs with mirror schemes, where the media usage cache is not required.
  • Fixed: Imaging bug preventing backup of unmounted volumes, such as the hidden 100Mb partition of Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.
29th September 2009
  • We’ve optimized the 256-bit AES encryption facility to speed up encryption of your ZIP backups.
September 23rd 2009

New Zip engine

The new Zip engine allows backup to be performed directly to a .zip file. Any destination that was available for the NTBackup engine is now available for the Zip engine, including FTP, DVD, REV and Tape*, providing access to these destinations for Vista, 2008 and SBS 2008 machines.

  • The Zip engine supports a new Flash drive destination for backing up to multiple, rotating flash drives.
  • In conjunction with the new Zip-to-Tape add-on you can now back up to tape drives from Vista, Server 2008 and SBS 2008 machines.
  • The Zip engine supports real-time, on-the-fly compression and encryption. No working directory is required.
  • Encryption is performed using 256 bit AES.
  • Multithreaded compression results in faster backups on multi core machines.
  • BackupAssist will automatically set the compression level for each type of file in order to maximize speed and minimize backup size.
  • Open file backup provided by the Volume Shadow copy Service.
  • Zip backups can be easily restored through the new BackupAssist Restore Console.
  • NTFS security attributes are saved. The NTFS security attributes and alternate data streams of directories and files are preserved if the backup is restored using the BackupAssist Restore Console.
  • Virtually unlimited number of files supported, in accordance with the ZIP64 format.
  • Long paths and Unicode paths supported.

*requires the optional Zip-to-Tape add on.

New Exchange backup method

  • Mailbox backups on 64bit operating systems are now supported.
  • Exchange 2007 is now fully supported.
  • Mailboxes can be backed up remotely or locally for Exchange 2007 and 2003 (64 or 32 bit).
  • ANSI PST and Unicode PST format files are supported where Outlook 2003/2007 is installed, avoiding the 2GB file size limit.
  • Exchange servers can now be backed up across domains.
  • Setup and configuration has been improved.
  • Improved handling of PST grouping methods.
  • Improved handling of edited mail items.

New BackupAssist Restore Console

The new BackupAssist restore console provides a convenient method for restoring files and folders from Zip, File Replication and Rsync backups. Access it through the Restore tab in BackupAssist.

  • Familiar Explorer style window for browsing the contents of backups.
  • Search function that can search all available backups for specific files, filtered by size, date and job name.
  • Ability to browse and search backups that are not currently attached to the BackupAssist machine.
  • Intelligent grouping of identical files, with access to previous versions backed up files.
  • Restores quickly and easily from any location, including Tape, FTP and Rsync.

5.3.0 Improvements

Interface improvements:

  • The messages area of the console now provides a link to the latest version of BackupAssist, if the running version is out of date.
  • Main jobs list reworked to display more information with a better layout. Also supports sorting by any field.
  • Files and Folders screen now loads more quickly. Folder details panel supports sorting.
  • Monitor section reworked, improving speed and reliability.
  • Magnifying glass buttons have been added to the Monitor to provide access to multiple detail sections e.g. details for each phase of an NTBackup job, or each progress section of a File Replication job.
  • Passwords can no longer be scraped by password scraping tools. (Once the screen is closed and reopened the real password is now replaced by a fake).
  • Manual schemes will no longer report media checking errors.
  • Media usage warnings will only occur at 90% full, rather than 80%.
  • Media usage reports should no longer occasionally report 16m Tb.
  • If file replication media usage report generation times out, a shortened report is created with a BA297 ("Timeout compiling media usage report") information condition.
  • Images in emailed reports should now show correctly when viewed on (Apple) Mac Mail.
  • Several additional bug fixes have been made in the UI to prevent exceptions in uncommon situations.

Other improvements

  • Windows imaging backup now works on Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2.
  • VSS support has been added for Rsync on XP.
  • Fixed a File Replication bug which could sometimes cause the first character of a path to be chopped off when not using "use full path".
  • FTP backups are now more robust.
  • Set the "terminal services aware" bit on Rsync and SSH executables to allow them to run on terminal services servers without being killed by Data Execution Prevention (DEP).
  • Fixed an Rsync bug that caused SSH to time out when syncing large files.
  • Removed the test for NTFS support on the destination if it's not required (on a Linux NAS this could result in empty randomly named directories being created and not properly deleted)
  • Fixed an Imaging bug that was preventing the media usage report section from being generated.
  • Lowered the process priority of 7za compression (during NTBackup jobs) to keep the system responsive.
  • Fixed a File replication selections bug which caused directories to be skipped under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a File replication exclusions bug which caused user-defined exclusion patterns to be ignored if they had a starting directory that was on a network share.
  • Fixed an Rsync selections bug that would sometimes cause directories to be included in the backup when they had been excluded.
  • Sub addressing in Email addresses is now supported.
  • Improved service and logging reliability.
July 13th 2009
  • NEW: Ability to backup to Amazon's S3Rsync service using a new destination for Rsync.
  • NEW: Added support for backing up Exchange 2003 via its VSS writer. This now works using Imaging, File Replication and Rsync jobs.
  • NEW: For Imaging to NAS, there is now scheme "One week daily" providing daily version history, backing up to different paths like \\server\share\Monday, etc. The previous scheme "Daily" has been renamed to "Single daily" to reflect the fact that Windows only retains a single restore point per repository when backing up to NAS.
  • Fixed: In previous versions, our VSS implementation caused warnings to be written to the Windows Application Log, even though backups were completing successfully. The error was: "Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error querying for the IVssWriterCallback interface. hr = 0x80070005. This is often caused by incorrect security settings in either the writer or requestor process."
  • Fixed: When preparing External Hard drive, we accidentally forcibly did an Eject after the medium was prepared. This would mean that it could take a long time to prepare the drive for backup.
  • Fixed: When running NTBackup to tape for some DAT72 drives, the bytes used specified in the media usage report was inaccurate. This has now been fixed.
  • Enhanced: For Imaging backups to NAS there is now an option to delete old backups before the new backup starts, to overcome the issue where the backup fails to complete with log message "Backup stopped before completing. Cannot create a file when that file already exists."
  • Fixed: For Rsync, previously daemon mode would not work if there was a space in the destination path. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed: For File Replication, we have fixed a bug that was preventing the media usage report from being generated if the destination disk was > 90% full.
  • Fixed: Fixed bug that prevented “enable vss writers” from being disabled in some circumstances for File Replication and Rsync jobs.
  • Enhanced: The media usage report for File Replication jobs could sometimes take a long time to generate, e.g. when backing up to a slow NAS. Now a user-configurable time limit has been added, after which the report is generated without a media usage section. The default is 30 minutes.
  • Fixed: Error handling for CMC report notifications has been improved, and now retries after all error conditions.
  • Fixed: SQL server detection has now been disabled on all 64bit machines, due to further conflicts with the SQL 2007 management tool.
May 11th 2009
  • NEW: Option in the rsync engine to limit the maximum data transfer for a job.
  • Enhanced: SQL and Exchange destination directories now allow \\.host at the beginning of a path.
  • Enhanced: Browsing for SQL and Exchange destinations now starts on the desktop, allowing the user to browse the network neighbourhood.
  • Fixed: File replication engine no longer sets report status to "minor warnings" when only information messages have been reported.
  • Fixed: File replication engine: improved speed of "checking previous backups" step.
  • Fixed: Rsync engine: fixed permissions problems when backing up to a host running cwRsyncServer.
  • Fixed: Rsync engine: increase timeout from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. 5 minutes was too short.
  • Fixed: File replication engine: ignore system directories, such as $RECYCLE.BIN and "System Volume Information" if the backup destination is the root directory of a portable drive.
  • Fixed: File replication and rsync engines: add "\System Volume Information\*" to the default exclude list for new jobs.
  • Fixed: File replication engine: "Privilege not held" error (BA708) after deleting an old backup.
  • Fixed: File replication and rsync engines: notify Exchange if the consistency check fails.
  • Fixed: Rsync engine: if rsync reports disk full on the destination, report BA706 ("insufficient space to complete backup") insead of the less informative BA3012 ("error in rsync protocol data stream")
April 30th 2009
  • Fixed: For jobs that include an Exchange 2007 consistency check, BackupAssist will now send backup report notifications by email.
April 9th 2009
  • NEW: RSync seeding: Allow users to "seed" an rsync server via a local portable drive that can be physically relocated to the rsync server and automatically populated using a generated script.
  • NEW: File replication/rsync VSS writer support: Add option to enable VSS writers (i.e. VSS-aware applications) to participate in the backup.
  • NEW: WinImage backed up items section: New section in the backup report that shows exactly what VSS applications were backed up.
  • NEW: HTTP(S) proxy support: Allow users to override the default .Net internet proxy behaviour to enforce the use of a specific proxy or no proxy during CMC, activation and diagnostics requests.
  • Fixed: WinImage bug preventing backup results from being displayed on some foreign language systems due to the inability to parse logs resulting from code page problems.
  • Fixed: Replaced the incorrect 7-zip executable previously included with BackupAssist with the correct command line (7za) version.
  • Fixed: Several WinImage bugs in the media usage report.
  • Fixed: Handle errors that some users were seeing in the call to BackupComplete (VSS).
  • Fixed: Rsync: When registering with the server, ensure that .ssh/ and .ssh/authorized_keys have the correct ownership. This should fix problems reported by some users where "register with server" reported success, but "test connection" returned "permission denied".
  • Fixed: File replication: fix error where BA would sometimes report that a local drive does not exist.
March 17th 2009
  • Fixed: Imaging engine no longer removes some registry keys after backup, so restores of Exchange can be done without manually re-entering them
  • Enhanced: Better logging for FTP issues
  • New: UI option for enabling/disabling the FTP "keepalive" requests, which can be enabled to avoid timeouts (or disabled, if you are currently experiencing ftp problems)
  • File replication engine changes:
    • Test whether the destination supports the Hidden and System attributes and do not use them for file comparisons if it doesn't.
    • Provide settings for whether the Hidden and System attributes should be preserved.
    • Raise warnings if user has requested that the Hidden and System attributes be preserved but the destination does not support them.
    • Preserve attributes NotContentIndexed, Offline and Temporary in addition to ReadOnly, Hidden and System
    • For media that has a BackupCache, add a DeleteOldBackupsSection to the report.
    • When deleting an old backup, delete the media usage info file even if the backup could not be completely deleted
    • Improved: directory copying, file copying and hard link creation are now even more reliable and robust
    • Fixed: The bug causing a "Linking" error followed by lots of other errors (eventually resulting in the "too many errors" error as well). This was due to a cleanup issue when backing up to a Samba share.
  • Rsync engine changes:
    • Add --no-perms option. Rsync was sometimes (often) thinking a file's permissions had changed when they hadn't. This was breaking the single instance store.
    • Treat "connection abort" (cygwin errno 113) as a re-tryable error
    • Fixed: re-enable the Port dropdown in the Rsync Server options screen. This was accidentally disabled in 5.2.0
    • Fixed: when the destination directory is created during the "Test Connection", it now has the correct permissions assigned
    • Improved: The "Register with server" function now ensures that the home directory is owned by the user before continuing (otherwise would fail)
  • Improved: Handle UnauthorizedAccessException which can be thrown when requesting certain privileges.
  • Improved: Disk management now removes the read-only flag on directories before trying to delete them
  • Improved: The readability of VSS errors has been improved in many circumstances
  • Improved: Rsync and File Rep - add a warning if we could not find the VSS snapshot for a volume that should have one, then revert to using the volume directly.
  • Improved: We now support hard links (i.e. single instance store) on Windows 2000
  • Fixed: Report an error if the snapshot doesn't include all volumes required by the exchange writer.
  • Fixed: FTPS explicit mode support is now more reliable
  • Enhanced: Zip64 compression is again supported for ntbackup jobs. A new Zip64Unzip.exe is included in the install directory to assist with restores.
  • Enhanced: The 7zip exe in the install directory has been updated to version 4.65
  • Enhanced: Additional logging information is now included if ntbackup jobs can't be run due to an unhandled DesktopRights issue
  • Enhanced: Better error handling of paths and VSS
  • Improved: If a file copy fails, the partial file is now deleted as expected
  • Fixed: The bug allowing possibility of window handle leaks has been corrected
Feb 16th 2009
  • NEW: Exchange 2007 can now be backed up directly from Server 2008 through the imaging engine
  • NEW: Hyper-V aware backups. The imaging engine will now allow the user to enable the Hyper-V VSS writer, allowing full backups of running Hyper-V servers
  • NEW: Rsync backup to standalone NAS devices is now supported through the 'SSH tunnelling for Rsync Daemon' option. See
  • Improved: service code has been improved, which should make the service faster and more reliable
  • Multiple UI enhancements focusing particularly on Rsync, prepare media and the manual licence activation area.
  • %STATUS% and %BACKUP_SIZE% now function correctly in the post backup script
Jan 19th 2009
  • Fixed: Drive Imaging on SBS 2008: Exchange logs are now truncated after each full backup
  • Fixed: Drive imaging: VSS Full backups are enabled by default – previously was copy backups (which was the wbadmin default).
  • Enhanced: Exchange mailbox: now users have the option of backing up notes, contacts, calendar items, etc, into every PST file. Makes the recovery a lot easier. Previous behaviour: only notes, contacts, etc., for the specific date range are exported.
  • Enhanced: Exchange mailbox: advanced options now appear under NTBackup options for embedded jobs.
  • Enhanced: BackupAssist now proactively handles the scenario where the OS requires FIPS compliant cryptography schemes
  • Enhanced: SQL UI loading times and authentication changes have been improved
  • Fixed: The "keep number of days old" option for managing backups now works more reliably for File Replication Engine
  • Enhanced: There is now a Media Usage Report for Rsync jobs to SSH servers
  • Fixed: Several file replication engine bugs have been fixed - win32 error 87 (invalid parameter) is now handled more smoothly, problems when copying file attributes are handled properly, several bugs in the media usage report for mirror schemes have been fixed
  • Enhanced: If Iomega REV drivers are detected on a machine running Vista or later OS for File replication jobs, a critical error is reported. These drivers are unnecessary on OS versions that have builtin UDF support, and are inadequate because they don't support hard links
  • Enhanced: File replication jobs now attempts to create the destination directory if it does not exist
  • Enhanced: Rsync now reports many OS level errors with meaningful descriptions
  • Enhanced: It is possible to disable the media usage report for Rsync jobs
29th Dec 2008
  • Fixed: Issue preventing immediate use of the Rsync engine for some users upon upgrade
  • Fixed: Exmerge server selections are no longer accidentally hidden (the bug meant that they were only shown after adding or re-adding a server)
  • Fixed: Rsync should now handle network selections properly
  • Fixed: Divide-by-zero errors no longer prevent the display or sending of reports
  • Enhanced: Rsync now always finds the last backup, even when using a seeded destination, improving bandwith utilisation even further
15th Dec 2008
  • NEW: Rsync Engine – bandwidth efficient Internet based backup using Rsync
  • Enhanced: Faster, more responsive performance
  • Enhanced: Can now double click on folders in the list view of the Files/folders selection in order to drill down
  • Enhanced: The selected job edit screen is retained when switching between jobs (eg. calendar, scripts, etc.)
  • Enhanced: If multiple Exchange servers are discovered, they can be individually added via new checkboxes (rather than having to add them all at once)
  • Fixed: Activation screens behave better in several scenarios
21st Nov 2008
  • Fixed: "Chinese character email report" – issue fixed. Caused by some mail servers interpreting the email as UTF-16 instead of UTF-8.
  • File replication engine changes:
    • NEW: Added thumbs.db as a default file exclusion
    • NEW: Allow the user to specify how many skipped files before the backup is aborted
    • NEW: Specifically detects and reports network access denied situations
    • Fixed: Backing up source files when the backup user doesn’t have NTFS permissions to the files, but does have Backup Operator rights
    • Fixed: Backing up to a non-NTFS destination where BackupWrite operations are not supported by the destination
    • Fixed: Backing up to FAT32 destinations where alternate data streams are not supported
    • Fixed: Applying directory security on the destination where the backup user doesn’t have NTFS permissions on the directories. Now only Backup Operator rights are required.
  • Other changes:
    • Fixed: Removed a bug where ntbackup wasn't being told to use unmanaged mode when backing up to a prepared tape
    • Fixed: Bug preventing configuration of sql servers when console user didn't have sufficient rights for an unrelated operation (fetching login domains)
10th Nov 2008
  • Fixed: Issue upgrading from version 4 that was affecting CMC and occasionally causing problems running the service
21st Oct 2008
  • Enhanced: Timeout when checking for already-running Imaging jobs has been increased to 15 seconds and is now user-configurable
  • Enhanced: BackupAssist can now recover automatically from several data corruption issues experienced by some users.
  • Fixed: Issue causing strange timeout failures when using FTP with Implicit or Explicit SSL
18th Oct 2008
  • Fixed: Startup issue causing service to fail to start after reboot, for users that upgraded to 5.0.2 from 5.0.0.
Oct 15th 2008
  • Fixed: REV issue causing "invalid argument" error when backing up a drive using VSS and the File Replication engine.
Oct 14th 2008
  • Fixed: Migration issue causing confusing information to be shown on the Licensing screen.
  • Fixed: File Replication issue causing jobs to fail when backing up a folder or drive with a junction point at the top level.
Oct 13th 2008
(Major release)
  • NEW: File replication engine. BackupAssist can now quickly and efficiently mirror or copy files from one place to another.
    - Single instance store greatly reduces the amount of space required for multiple full backups.
    - Single instance store also greatly reduces the amount of time taken by full backups
    - Mirror mode allows you to easily mirror files from one drive to another
    - Creates exact copies of files including security settings and alternate data streams.
  • Improved: Imaging engine for Vista and Server 2008
  • Improved: Job execution now supports Elevated Rights (on Vista or Server 2008) where necessary
  • Improved: Polling from console to service. This reduces probability of the console encountering an error after running for several days. BackupAssist will now use less processor time while the console is running.