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Server - Secure File Transfer

Cerberus FTP

Cerberus FTP Server - Ad Hoc Transfers

Current release is v 12.8 Release Notes

Public file sharing, also known as ad hoc file transfer or person-to-person file transfer, allows a user to take any file and generate a unique, time-limited, public link to that file and share it with anyone. By sending just a link to the file, users can ensure large files can reach anyone, and employees aren′t tempted to use insecure, unsolicited tools to send sensitive data.

Benefits over email include:

  • Administrators have visibility and control over the data moving into and out of the business.
  • Large attachments won't burden email servers or exceed mailbox quotas.
  • Files are transferred with strong encryption.
  • Increased productivity. No more wasted time figuring out how to send a file to someone.

Creating a Public File Link

The administrator has full control over public file sharing. Before a user can share a file publicly, the administrator has to grant explicit sharing priviledges to that user's virtual folder.

Revoking Public File Access

A user can revoke access to the public link at anytime through the Account page of the web client:

Revoke public file link

To revoke access to a previously shared file, just click the Revoke button.

Emailing a link to a Public File

In addition to public file sharing, users can also email a link to a public file directly from within the web client. Users just need to click the "Email" button on a file (and have the appropriate folder permissions granted by the administrator for sharing) to open a message dialog for emailing the file.

Cerberus FTP Server will use the first SMTP server configured in the Event Manager's Targets page as the email server for sending emails.

What the File Recipient Sees

The recipient of the email message will receive an email with your user's message, and a public, unique link to the file. Cerberus will log all access to the file's public link.

Public email

Download the 30-day FREE trial version and test it out for yourself.

Key Features

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