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Server - Secure File Transfer

Cerberus FTP

Cerberus FTP Server - Report Manager

Current release is v 12.8 Release Notes

Administrators can generate detailed reports of client activity based on user names, dates ranges, and file access. In addition to client activity, the administrator can also generate native account reports indicating account creation and last login dates.

NOTE: Using the Report Manager requires that a report database be configured.

Report Manager
Cerberus FTP Server Report Manager

An administrator can generate three types of reports:

  • Login Sessions
  • File Access
  • User Account Status

File Access Reports

File access reporting can by filtered by file name, date and time, and user name. The file reports contain important information about a file transfer, including:

  • The full local path of the file
  • The type of file operation performed on the file (upload, download, rename, delete, copy)
  • The user that accessed the file
  • The IP address the user accessed the file from
  • The date and time the access occurred
  • The protocol used to access the file (FTP, FTPS, SSH SFTP, HTTP, or HTTPS)
  • The type of encryption used, if any, to perform the file operation

Report Manager
Cerberus FTP Server File Access Report, Filtered by User and Date

Download the 30-day FREE trial version and test it out for yourself.

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