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Release Description
1 June 2017
  • General
    • 27592 Fixed a security vulnerability that affected customers running BackupAssist versions 9.4.3 to 9.5.4.
  • BitLocker
    • 27411 Enabled BitLocker encryption for Windows Desktop 7, 8 and 10, and re-enabled support for Windows Server 2008R2. (GMC_BA-1508)
    • 27474 Fixed the media usage section for some BitLocker job types.
  • RecoverAssist
    • 28037 Extended the time out period to allow Bootable Backup media to successfully create on some machines.
  • Reports/Notifications
    • 27937 Updated backup error BA6 "The Backup did not start as scheduled" to show as a Major Warning.
  • Restore Console
    • 27737 The progress bar will now update correctly when restoring files from a Hyper-V guest.
  • Server 2016
    • 27501 Improved the Core Server detection process to include post 2012 Core Server products and fixed application crashes under Server 2016 Core.
  • User Interface
    • 27732 Changed the sort order of restore points to descending order by date.
22 March 2017
  • Hyper-V Granular Restore Console
    • 27447 Fixed a problem introduced in 9.5.3 that was producing backups that did not show up in the "Files inside Hyper-V Guests" or "Exchange Granular Restore" restore options, even though the data was backed up correctly. (GMC_BA-1520, GMC_BA-1260)
  • Reports/Notifications
    • 27359 Fixed a problem that, in some circumstances, prevented backup reports from being sent via email (GMC_BA-1510, GMC_BA-1511, GMC_BA-1256, GMC_BA-1514, GMC_BA-1515)
    • 27290 Fixed a problem that caused backup reports to incorrectly show a backup as failed in the BackupAssist console report. (GMC_BA-1253, GMC_BA-1512, GMC_BA-1258)
22 February 2017
  • Exchange Granular Restore Add-on
    • 24280 More targeted Exchange Service detection in Hyper-V Guests via user-specified Directory Servers.
  • Exchange Mailbox Add-on
    • 27186 Added a warning for the impending deprecation of Exchange Mailbox Protection feature in BackupAssist v10, with a listing of the affected jobs.
  • RecoverAssist
    • 27136 Some recent updates for Windows 7 (KB3212646), Windows 10 (KB3205383), 2012 (KB3205409), 2012R2 (KB3205401) and 2016 have resulted in RecoverAssist media failing to boot. This release includes a new version of RecoverAssist that allows RecoverAssist media to boot successfully after these Windows updates. Also fixed the Error 0xc0000034 that could occur when trying to start 32-bit applications on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016
    • 27168 Fixed an issue where some external hard drives, including Seagate drives, identified themselves as SCSI rather than USBSTOR, and were therefore not identified as a possible RecoverAssist destination. (GMC_BA-1502)
  • User Interface
    • 21805 Addressed an error pop-up that some users were experiencing when exiting the BackupAssist console.
  • File Protection (Rsync)
    • 27038 Fixed an issue where the Rsync restore process failed if there was a round bracket - '(' - character in any selected directories or file names. (GMC_BA-1223)
19 January 2017
  • Hyper-V GRC
    • 27035 Fixed an issue introduced in 9.5.1 and 9.5.1r1 where HyperV guests were not displayed correctly in the Integrated Restore Console, preventing granular Hyper-V restores (GMC_BA-1239, GMC_BA-1240, GMC_BA-1241, GMC_BA-1242, GMC_BA-1244, GMC_BA-1245)
    • 27005 Resolved issue preventing the Legacy Hyper-V Granular Restore tool from running properly (GMC_BA-1503)
  • RecoverAssist
    • 27019 Fixed missing additional tools step in RecoverAssist Builder
  • UI
    • 26650 Fixed the main Help button
20 December 2016
  • RecoverAssist
    • 26588 Fixed an issue that could result in a recovery environment not loading from USB media for some EFI based Windows 10 machines.
    • 26158 Fixed a problem that could cause Bootable Backup Media on ReFS file system destinations to have trouble loading the operating system.
    • 25053 When using a recovery media to recover Windows 10, the Windows 10 loading screen is shown during boot up instead of a black screen. (GMC_BA-1425)
    • 26633 Fixed an issue with the RecoverAssist builder that could cause some Bootable Backup jobs to fail when downloading the VNC tool.
  • Reports/Notifications
    • 26126 More information is now provided when reporting on backup schedule errors.
    • 25900 A reference link has been added to the Single Instance Storage Statistics section of backup reports, titled "What is Single-Instance Storage (SIS)?".
    • 26020 Improved the reporting of Hyper-V guest sizes in the backup report. (GMC_BA-1200, GMC_BA-1459)
    • 26021 Applied a fix to improve the rendering of German language characters. (GMC_BA-1211)
  • Restore Console
    • 26500 Fixed incorrect (extra) drive listings that could appear when making a backup folder selection.
  • UI
    • 25964 Support email addresses now support more than 3 characters for top-level domains.
    • 25432 When you select a backup scheme, there is now an indication of the space required by backups in the scheme.
    • 26304 Renamed the "Feedback and Support..." option under the Help menu to "Contact Support..."
9 November 2016
  • BackupAssist
    • 26289 Fixed a bug that caused "Unauthorized" errors that could break MultiSite Manager's connectivity after upgrading to BackupAssist 9.4.3/9.5.0. Upgrading to 9.5.0r1 will also fix broken "Unauthorized" connections within a MultiSite Manager site.
    • 26259 Fixed a bug that could cause MultiSite Manager's remote session connections to BackupAssist installations to fail. This fix requires updates to both MultiSite Manager and the BackupAssist Site Controller.
27 October 2016
  • NEW : Windows Server 2016 support
    • This feature release adds support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016. This applies to all previously supported BackupAssist, MultiSite Manager and Windows Server features, with the exception of Cluster Shared Volume (CSV), which is not yet supported.
  • Backup Verification
    • 26163 Fixed an error in the Backup Verification of Hyper-V guests in the Job Report. (GMC_BA-1474, GMC_BA-1483)
  • Reports/Notifications
    • 26020 Improved the reporting of Hyper-V guest sizes in the backup report. (GMC_BA-1200, GMC_BA-1459)
  • General
    • 25661 Fixed an error condition that could cause the service to lock up on some machines. This could prevent scheduled backups and the BackupAssist console from starting. (GMC_BA-1457)
28 September 2016
  • CMC/Web
    • 25999 Fixed an issue that could cause BAaaS to unexpectedly de-register itself from the Centralized Monitoring Console. (GMC_BA-1461)
  • Hyper-V
    • 25460 BackupAssist will now report any empty and unformatted volumes when cataloguing Hyper-V guests.
  • Installer
    • 25311 BackupAssist will now install .Net package to v4.5.2 if .Net 4 is not installed.
  • RecoverAssist
    • 25386 Improved the handling of network paths entered in the recovery environment (trailing backslash is added automatically).
    • 25916 Fixed a process crash that occurred when the RecoverAssist Builder was closed.
    • 25438 Fixed various problems in the Recovery Environment on some Windows 7 machines.
    • 22629 Fixed a 0xc000000f error that could occur when booting into EFI mode on some Windows 7 installations.
    • 25450 Fixed a rare "MSVCR110.dll is missing" error that could occur when mounting Data Containers in some RecoverAssist recovery environments.
    • 25233 Fixed a RecoverAssist environment crash for Windows Server 2012R2 that could occur with certain Microsoft KB updates installed.
    • 25731 Fixed an issue searching for backups in a Data Container that was caused by a Windows update in Windows 10.
  • System
    • 25904 Address issues on machines where WMI is not providing requested information about the system. (E.g WMI corruption can result in backups not starting).
  • UI
    • 25570 Fixed an issue with media being made bootable, while the UI option said it should not be made bootable. (GMC_BA-1446)
  • Zip
    • 25863 Fixed an error that could occur when restoring from an encrypted zip backup with £ in the password.
4 August 2016
  • Data Container
    • 25550 Fix added for error BA1448 and potential backup failures that could occur when VHD data containers are incorrectly created.
  • Hyper-V
    • 25459 The restore simulation section will now be hidden in the UI and the backup report when it is set to OFF.
  • System Protection
    • 25523 Fix added for error BA2529 when backing up storage spaces and some other volume types. (GMC_BA-1433)
  • UI
    • 25493 Fixed a BackupAssist console startup failure that could occur in some rare system configurations.
13 July 2016
  • BAMM-Backend
    • 25152 Enable all restore functions in BackupAssist when launched remotely through MultiSite Manager
    • 25371 Use an administrative share for the BAMMInstallers location on Site Controllers
  • Bitlocker
    • 25296 Update so that BackupAssist will correctly detect BA-ejected BitLocker disks prior to backup (GMC_BA-1188)
  • Exchange Granular Restore Add-on
    • 25188 A false error "transaction log files ... not found" that sometimes showed when starting the Exchange Granular Restore tool has now been hidden.
  • File Protection
    • 25025 Fixed a false positive BA714 that appeared in some rare circumstances. (GMC_BA-1179)
  • Image Catalog
    • 25416 Fixed a problem that was preventing the deletion of catalogs for removed System Protection backups.
  • Licensing
    • 25375 Fixed an error that could occur when manually activating a licence for a machine with no internet access.
  • Service
    • 25370 Applied a fix to the BackupAssist service for machines that do not support file compression on the data path.
  • System Protection
    • 25369 Fixed the BA101 exception that was observed under some conditions at the end of the backup. (GMC_BA-1440)
  • UI
    • 24786 Fixed an exception that could occur when trying to create a custom quarterly backup schedule with 1 media.
    • 25287 Fixed "Path too long" exception seen when searching through NAS backups with very long paths
    • 25107 Fixed an exception that could occur on the Recovery screen when more than 199 Hyper-V backups were available for recovery.
16 June 2016
  • NEW : Microsoft SQL Server 2016 support
    • BackupAssist now supports SQL Server 2016. This includes all of the backup, restore, recover features supported for the other versions of SQL.
  • Destinations
    • 25201 Fixed an issue that resulted in deduplicated volumes not backing up correctly to a non-NTFS NAS. (GMC_BA-1177)
  • Licensing
    • 25315 Fixed a problem where trial extension activations could result in the error BA2000.
  • System Protection
    • 25176 Added a missing Exchange consistency check report to some System Protection backup jobs.
  • BackupAssist Service
    • 25221 Fixed a problem that could stop the BackupAssist service from starting in some cases.
  • UI
    • 24868 Update to the Backup User Identity so that it cannot have an email address with a domain qualifier in the username field.
    • 24205 Fixed a rare exception in the job list that was caused by a corrupted configuration file.
    • 25105 Fixed an exception that could occur when increasing the VSS timeout in the advanced Windows Settings screen.
25 May 2016
  • Exchange
    • 25099 Addressed Exchange consistency check failures that could occur during backups. (GMC_BA-1146, GMC_BA-1427, GMC_BA-1428)
  • Exchange Granular Restore Add-on
    • 25108 Added a new capability to optionally load Exchange database information from transaction logs.
  • Restore Console
    • 24978 Improved the restore search options available to allow a search by file size, and modification and creation dates.
  • UI
    • 25147 Fixed a Test Connection button that was missing in the job edit UI for some TrueCrypt jobs. (GMC_BA-1178)
    • 23970 Fixed rare UI exception in the "Add to Site Controller" button in Remote Setup.
    • 25140 Fixed Data Container options in job edit UI that were missing for some jobs since 9.2.3.
  • Zip-to-Tape Add-on
    • 25064 Fix rare application crash in the Integrated Restore Console when restoring from some File Archiving backups (GMC_BA-1426)
27 April 2016
  • NEW : Restore Search
    • A restore Search option has been added to BackupAssist. This new feature allows you to search multiple backups to locate the required file or files. This search feature is available under the Local and Network Files restore option.
  • Backup Verification
    • 24772 BackupAssist will skip backup verification if VHD related errors occur.
  • File Protection
    • 24735 Fixed a File Protection problem that caused some Exchange database files to not always back up. (GMC_BA-1156)
    • 24736 Fixed a deduplication problem that was occurring when files were backed up or restored from a deduplicated volume, showing 0 file size at the backup destination. (GMC_BA-1136, GMC_BA-1155, GMC_BA-1164)
  • Restore Console
    • 23966 Fixed a bug that prevented the restore of files/folders that the current user did not originally have privileges for. (GMC_BA-1108)
  • Hyper-V
    • 23677 Improved the remote installation error messages.
  • RecoverAssist
    • 23426 Fixed an exception that could occur with the RecoverAssist builder
  • UI
    • 24379 MultiSite Manager's Installations menu will now be disabled if the current site's Site Controller is not licensed.
22 March 2016
  • 32-bit support for Windows 8.1 and 10
    • BackupAssist v9.2.3 adds 32-bit support for Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems
  • Restore Console
    • 24309 Update to only allow VSS restores of SQL databases into the original SQL Server instance with matching instance name and version.
    • 24606 Improved the "discover backups" feature to allow the loading of near-duplicate backups
    • 24581 Improved handling during restores when backups are not found in the expected location
  • SQL Add-on
    • 24180 Fixed an exception that could occur when restoring an SQL master database
    • 24579 Users will now be warned before restoring the master database from a backup of a different SQL instance.
    • 24122 Fixed the SQL error "The tail of the log for the database has not been backed up"
    • 24135 Fixed an unhandled exception that could occur during SQL backups after a restore.
  • System Protection
    • 24282 Fixed a timing issue that could cause problems with image backup catalogues, restores and verification. (GMC_BA-0589,  GMC_BA-0450, GMC_BA-1024, GMC_BA-1359, GMC_BA-1080, GMC_BA-1380, GMC_BA-1109, GMC_BA-1144)
  • BA-UI
    • 24503 Fixed an "Unauthorized error" popup from being displayed after selecting "Site Controller Registration" from the Remote Setup UI (GMC_BA-1415, GMC_BA-1411)
18 February 2016
  • Backup verification
    • 24196 Fixed a bug preventing backup VHDs from being dismounted after verification when quick catalog is enabled or forced on due to an underlying issue (GMC_BA-1125, GMC_BA-1126, GMC_BA-1127, GMC_BA-1129)
  • Exchange Mailbox Add-on
    • 24338 Fixed an exception in the UI and job executions for migrated legacy Exchange jobs, incidentally introduced in 9.2.1
  • File Protection (Rsync)
    • 18411 Fixed a problem that prevented rsync backups from seeding before 6am.
  • Image Catalog
    • 24362 Fix full catalog building in some installations, caused by faulty loading of 64bit version of NTFSTraverser.dll
28 January 2016
  • Data Container
    • 24001 BackupAssist can now handle a verification error when the temporary directory is not available.
  • Exchange Granular Restore Add-on
    • 24121 Fixed an Exchange guest detection problem that caused authentication failures.
  • File Protection
    • 23928 Fixed a problem where File Protection backups were not deleting a temporary directory on NAS destinations.
  • File Protection (Rsync)
    • 24114 Added a new error code for the internal rsync error "TP_NUM_C_BUFS too small"
  • RecoverAssist
    • 22775 Fixed a bug in Bootable Backup Media creation where an exFAT partition exists for BIOS firmware machines.
    • 23706 Fixed an unmount problem for VHDs with Windows 10
    • 23078 Bootable Backup Media is no longer updated after every backup on EFI firmware
    • 22755 Warn users before proceeding if an existing partition must be shrunk to create a boot partition on an MBR disk for a computer using EFI firmware.
  • Restore Console
    • 23960 Fixed a "File on Guest" restore error that could occur under certain circumstances.
    • 23862 Fixed a problem with unmounting an iSCSI destination after a restore.
  • System Protection
    • 23171 Fixed a misleading 4K drive error
    • 23607 BackupAssist will now unlock a BitLocker destination prior to Shadow Protect Mode (SPM) retry (GMC_BA-1364)
    • 23731 If the Operating System does not support a Files and Folders System Protection backup, BackupAssist will not allow a granular files and folders backup selection.
  • UI
    • 24154 Improved iSCSI target detection to better support portals with multiple IP addresses
    • 23702 Make the restore option 'Files inside Hyper-V Guests' available on non Hyper-V machines.
    • 24053 Fixed a UI exception that could occur when viewing a System Protection backup's Imaging options.
    • 21223 Fixed a error message that could appear when preparing portable media for a backup.
16 December 2015
  • NEW : Exchange 2016 support
    • BackupAssist now supports Microsoft Exchange 2016.
  • Exchange
    • 23734 Detect Exchange 2016 guests correctly
  • Exchange Granular Restore Add-on
    • 22877 Reinstate version numbers in Help->About
  • File Protection (Rsync)
    • 23975 Fixed an unhandled exception for rsync jobs using '~' paths for their backup history. (GMC_BA-1395)
  • RecoverAssist
    • 19927 Ensure RecoverAssist builder runs with Elevated permissions, allowing building of recovery environments from the local machine (2008 R2 and later)
  • Reports/Notifications
    • 23888 The first backup missed is now reported as such when the BackupAssist service restarts
    • 23746 Fixed some issues with the Hyper-V section in the backup report for CSV guests
  • Restore Console
    • 22482 Improved stability of Integrated Restore Console
  • Service/CPU/Mem
    • 23669 Fixed certain BackupAssist service crashes that caused a ShutdownOrCommsProblem error.
  • UI
    • 23977 Update release notes link to point to v9 release notes
    • 23845 Fixed Exchange Granular Restore not launching in Server Core
    • 22144 Fixed an elapsed time issue in the restore simulation monitor.
    • 22332 Fixed Hyper-V guests showing as 'skipped' in the job monitor.
  • Zip
    • 20298 Significant improvements to backup verification speed for incremental File Archiving (zip) jobs. (GMC_BA-0781)
26 November 2015
  • UI
    • Fix exception that occurs when attempting to edit SQL Server Protection and Exchange Mailbox Protection jobs in the BackupAssist console in v9.1.0
  • File Archiving & File Protection
    • Fix an issue introduced in v9.1.0 that prevents running consecutive incremental File Archiving backups. This issue also could affect the catalogs for some File Protection backups, which would mean that restore of some files may require manual handling.
18 November 2015
    • NEW : Windows 10 support
      • BackupAssist fully supports Microsoft Windows 10
    • Updated Hyper-V tab
      • The Hyper-V tab is now the sole interface for managing Rapidly Recovered VMs. The tab includes a new Discard Rapid VM button in addition to the pre-existing Full VM Recovery button.
    • Support for multiple Rapidly Recovered VMs
      • BackupAssist v9.1.0 allows you to rapidly recover more than one VM at a time.
    • Data Container
      • 23753 Fixed important issues occurring when Hyper-V or Exchange verification is enabled for Data Container backups. The backup could be written to a temp folder and possibly result in data being written to the wrong location and then being lost (GMC_BA-1375, GMC_BA-1377)
    • File Protection
      • 23023 Further performance improvements in File Protection.
    • Hyper-V
      • 23657 Fixed an issue for some non-English Windows Server O/S where the new Hyper-V Tab in BackupAssist v9 displays a blank screen without listing the guests (GMC_BA-1361)
    • Rapid VM Recovery
      • 23665 Fixed an issue seen on server 2008 R2 for some Rapid VM Recovery guests, where they cannot be started and Hyper-V Manager shows "could not initialize" in the error message
      • 23579 Fixed a Rapid VM Recovery failure caused by a lack of privileges to access files inside the backup.
    • Reports/Notifications
      • 22384 Fixed the restore section of the backup report to correctly describe the restore options available for Exchange
    • Restore Console
      • 22107 Allow restores of NTFS security attributes to be turned off when restoring to specific location.
      • 22470 Fix some cases where %VARIABLE% references aren't substituted in the new Discover Backups popup
      • 23081 The Integrated Restore Console no longer displays reparse points for selection
    • UI
      • 23679 Fix an exception that can occur when a job is selected in the Manage backup jobs screen
      • 22721 The new Bootable Backup Media option will now only be selected by default if the job is created to back up Critical Volumes (Entire System)
      • 23599 Improve UI on the Restore tab, specifically the wording on the "file" restore buttons
      • 22520 Show the welcome dialog after migrating the settings from a previous installation of BackupAssist
      • 21743 Minor improvement to file and folder selection UI, displaying correct coloring for folders when child items are excluded
20 October 2015
  • Destinations
    • 23204 Fixed unhandled exceptions that occur when preparing media for some backup jobs created with previous versions of BackupAssist.
  • File Protection (Rsync)
    • 23424  Resolved BackupAssist Rsync authentication failures that occur after firmware and software updates to Rsync servers and NAS devices that included an update to OpenSSH 7.0.  Re-run "Register with server" for all jobs to take advantage of the improved OpenSSH 7.0 security.
  • Hyper-V
    • 23316 Fixed a rare bug that prevented some Hyper-V backups from being available using the Hyper-V restore and recover tools. This fix only applies to new backups.
  • Restore Console
    • 23346 Fixed an issue that prevented the Integrated Restore Console from restoring from backups that include network share selections.
30 September 2015
  • NEW: Hyper-V tab for servers that have the Hyper-V role installed. At a glance, the Hyper-V tab will show you what guests are active, what guests are being backed up and when the last successful backup ran. You can also begin a Hyper-V granular restore or a guest recovery.
  • NEW: Rapid VM Recovery allows you to spin up a single guest from its backup destination to keep critical systems online. This interim solution takes only seconds and provides business continuity until a Full VM Recovery can be performed.
  • NEW:  Bootable Backup Media allows you to recover an entire environment from a backup media device. When a bare-metal image backup is stored on an external USB hard disk, you can directly boot into a RecoverAssist environment without the need for a separate recovery disk.
  • NEW: Full VM Recovery provides a dedicated recovery process to fully recover a guest back to the same host or another host. This new feature sits in the Recovery tab alongside the Rapid VM feature to provide a full set of Hyper-V guest recovery features.
  • NEW: Improved performance for faster backups. System Protection backups are up to 30% faster and File Protection backups are up to 40% faster (depending on your replication options and backup destination you use).
  • NEW: Integrated Restore Console for a simpler and more consistent restore experience. You can now locate backups within the BackupAssist user interface, meaning less clicks, and use a customizable filter to specify a date range for the backups that you want to display.
  • NEW: Streamlined Hyper-V restores.  All Hyper-V restores can be performed using the Integrated Restore Console, meaning you do not need to use different tools to restore Hyper-V host files or perform Hyper-V Granular Restores.
  • NEW: VHDX Data containers for Windows Server 2012 R1/R2. This means Data Containers on Windows 2012 R1/R2 servers can support Data Containers of up to 64 TB in size.
  • NEW: On-Demand Analytics allows you to check your backup destination when you create a new backup job. From checking that you have the required permissions for a NAS destination to test mounting a Data Container, On-Demand Analysis will help ensure that you backups run smoothly.
  • NEW: Discover backups is a new feature in the BackupAssist Restore tab that allows you to locate and use backups created by other systems and backups made by jobs that have been deleted.