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MDaemon Server v15 Release Notes

MDaemon 15.5.3 - December 15, 2015


[16132] Ctrl+S|Sender Authentication|DMARC Reporting GUI allowed invalid/incomplete email address values for the Contact Email field.  You must use a complete email address here.  If you currently do not have a valid full email address then no DMARC reports will be generated until you fix it.



MDaemon 15.5.2 - November 3, 2015


[15968] The ActiveSync server now denies access to accounts whose mail directory is inside of the public folder directory.



MDaemon 15.5.1 - October 6, 2015



MDaemon 15.5.0 - September 15, 2015


[14502] The daily quota report now includes a column showing the last date and time the account was accessed (via IMAP, POP, WorldClient, etc). This required a change to the QuotaReport.dat template file. Your old file was saved as QuotaReport.dat.old in case you have customized it. If so, you may want to similarly customize the new template file.

[15058] The default setting for using color logs has been changed from disabled to enabled.  If you don't like this you can change the setting at Ctrl+O|Preferences|UI.


[2399] CALDAV (MDaemon PRO only)

Support for synchronizing calendars and task lists via the CalDAV protocol has been added.  Notable CalDAV clients are Apple iCal (Included with Mac OS X), Apple iOS (iPhone), Mozilla Thunderbird via the Lightning calendar plugin.  A configuration dialog has been added under Setup | Web & IM Services | WorldClient (web mail) | CalDAV.

To configure clients that support RFC 6764 (Locating Services for Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV (CalDAV)), only the server address, username, and password should be required.  Apple iCal and iOS support this standard.  DNS records can be setup that point to the client to the correct URL.  When a DNS record has not been configured, clients query a "well-known URL", which in the case of CalDAV is /.well-known/caldav.  WorldClient's built-in web server has been updated to support this well-known URL.

Clients that do not support automatically locating the CalDAV service, such as Mozilla Thunderbird via the Lightning plugin will require a full URL.

Free-busy availability queries are supported, however at the time of this writing the latest version of Lightning (4.0.2) has a defect where it won't query a CalDAV server for free-busy information.  Please use version, available for download from", until this issue has been resolved.

Note: When an item is submitted from a CalDAV client, the full iCalendar data submitted is saved.  The data is saved as .ics files in a "_DAV" subfolder.  When the item is later sent to an iCalendar client, this data is merged in with the data that the server generates.  This allows the server to persist unsupported and custom properties.  A new "PersistentData\iCalendarFile" node was added to the calendar.mrk file.  The API has been updated to delete these files when an item is deleted.

Before reporting issues, please enable debug logging and the option to log HTTP messages and reproduce the issue.  This can be done via the configuration dialog, or by adding the following to the WorldClient.ini file.


Warning: Special care should be taken if testing the OutlookDAV client.  If multiple MAPI profiles exist we've seen the client issue delete commands to the server for all of the calendar items returned by the server.  OutlookDAV only supports the default MAPI profile.

[9651] OPENPGP SUPPORT (MDaemon PRO only)

Support for running MDPGP has been integrated. MDPGP provides OpenPGP support for MDaemon by providing encryption, decryption, and basic key management capabilites. It is a great introduction to secure encrypted email. A new tab called "MDPGP" was added to the Security root tab.  Here you will see all MDPGP processing activity.  You can also configure MDPGP by accessing a new option within the Security top-level menu.  The Content Filter now contains actions to encrypt and decrypt messages. See MDPGP-Quick-Start.html in the DOCS folder for more information on how to setup and configure MDPGP.  Due to licensing restrictions beyond our control this functionality is not available (or even included) in builds of MDaemon intended for the Russian market.


The Ctrl+T Group Manager now supports a Do Not Disturb feature that lets you set a time frame during which an account may not be accessed by its user(s). Access during a Do Not Disturb time period is not allowed and returns an appropriate error response to IMAP, POP, SMTP, ActiveSync, and WorldClient access requests. Accounts in this state may receive incoming mail but may not originate mail or be accessed by mail clients. To apply Do Not Disturb to one or more accounts first create a group with the Do Not Disturb settings you desire. Next, use the Account Editor and add the group to the account(s) as you wish.




MDaemon 15.0.3 - June 19, 2015


MDaemon 15.0.2 - June 16, 2015



MDaemon 15.0.1 - April 21, 2015



MDaemon 15.0.0 - March 10, 2015


[14366] Account hijack detection is now enabled by default. You can change hijack detection settings at Ctrl+S | Screening | Hijack Detection.

[14431] The options at Ctrl+S | Screening | Dynamic Screening have been changed. First, the "Watch accounts" checkbox was redundant and has been removed. The option to "freeze accounts" has been made into its own separate checkbox. Similarly the option to "Email postmaster" has been made into a separate checkbox and you now have some control over what's included in the email.  As in previous versions, this email is not sent when the account in question is already frozen.  Dynamic screening settings have been reverted to installation defaults which could change the existing behavior you are expecting.  Please check and configure these settings how you want them.  Lastly, the options related to WorldClient have been removed and placed at Ctrl+W | WorldClient (web mail) | Dynamic Screen.


[4758] IPV6 SUPPORT (MDaemon PRO only)

Support for IPv6 has been added.  MDaemon will detect the level of IPv6 capability that your OS supports and dual-stack where possible; otherwise, MDaemon will monitor both networks independently.  Outbound SMTP, POP, and IMAP connections will prefer IPv6 over IPv4 whenever possible.

When MDaemon connects to an IPv6 host it must use an IPv6 local address of its own. Therefore the Alt+F2 | Domain Manager | Host Name & IP screen now contains a separate edit control where you can specify an IPv6 address for the domain to use.  If this IPv6 address is missing MDaemon will try to automatically detect a suitable address for use but please check it.  Buttons to manually detect IP addresses have been added to the same screen.

A few options related to use of IPv6 can be found at F2 | Server Settings | IPv6.  Also, $PRIMARYIP6$ and $DOMAINIP6$ macros can be used to retrieve IPv6 addresses.  These macros can be used anywhere that the $PRIMARYIP$ and $DOMAINIP$ macros can and they retrieve IPv6 addresses.

SPF processing now supports the "IP6" mechanism and expands the "a", "mx", and "ptr" mechanisms to include AAAA records.

Several configuration files that store reserved IP address ranges will be updated to include their IPv6 network equivalents.

[6319] 64-BIT VERSION

A 64-bit version of MDaemon is now available. The 64-bit version can handle a higher number of active sessions before running out of memory. Please note that the 64-bit MDaemon is not compatible with 32-bit plugins. When switching to the 64-bit MDaemon, you must also switch to 64-bit versions of all software that uses the MDaemon API. A 64-bit version of SecurityPlus is available. We do not have a 64-bit version of BES, so stay on the 32-bit MDaemon if you need it. If you run WorldClient, Remote Administration, or ActiveSync in IIS, you will need to configure or recreate the application pools to be 64-bit. The server side component of Outlook Connector is built in to MDaemon so we do not have or need separate 32/64-bit server side Outlook Connector installers.


The user interface was improved in several ways including:

[14052] The UI has an updated ACL editor.

[14284] Changed the root page in multi-page dialogs to summarize the section rather than duplicate all the controls from the first page

Moved Ctrl+S | Security Settings | IP Shield to Ctrl+S | Sender Authentication | IP Shield

Numerous minor changes including:  (a) the Gateways and Event Scheduling UIs have been slightly reorganized (b) Domain and List Managers auto-expand sub-nodes when accessed via double-click (c) updated warnings displayed when enabling ActiveSync for the first time (d) some places throughout UI used "Settings" while others used "Options"; I picked "Settings" and updated the UI everywhere (e) all occurrences of "don't" within UI control labels have been changed to "do not" (in English version) (e) several tiny memory leaks related to gateway use cleaned up (f) The button to set default values was removed from the LAN IP editor as part of IPv6 work (g) Updated the Alt+M | ActiveSync | Domains  screen.

The "WorldClient IM" page found at Ctrl+W and within the Domain Manager has been re-organized slightly and re-labeled as "WCIM"

The F2 | Server Settings | Servers screen was re-orged somewhat and the option to require missing Date headers was removed.  It can be changed at MDaemon.ini [Special] DateComplianceCheck=Yes (default No).

Removed the "Lists" top-level menu.  All mailing list configuration is done with the new Mailing List Manager found at Setup | Mailing List Manager. This change required reorganizing controls on several list editor screens.  By default the left-hand tree does not auto-expand the nodes but if you want to change that you can with a checkbox at Ctrl+O | Preferences | UI. 

Removed the "Gateways" top-level menu.  All gateway domain configuration is done with the new Gateway Domain Manager found at Setup | Gateway Manager.  This change required reorganizing controls on several of the gateway editor screens.  The "Accounts" screen has been deprecated and removed.  The controls there allowed you to create an account through which you could access the gateway domain's mailbox via POP.  This is easily done by configuring any of your existing accounts (or the gateway itself) to share the same mailbox folder.

[13806] All the mailing list related options found at Ctrl+O | Preferences | Miscellaneous have been moved to the new mailing list manager.  The option related to spam in mailing list public folders was removed from the UI.

The "...sends 552 when account is over quota" option was removed from F2 | Server Settings | Servers because its a duplicate of the same option found at Ctrl+U | Other | Quotas.

Several options related to inbound and outbound socket binding were removed from Ctrl+O | Preferences | System and placed on a new screen at F2 | Server Settings | Binding. The new screen also contains separate edit controls for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

The option to add a Sender: header to all mailing list messages and the option to add a custom header+value to all mailing list messages have been removed from Ctrl+O | Preferences | Headers and placed within the new Mailing List Manager at Alt+G | Mailing List Settings.  Also, the options to configure the digest message subject and to screen incoming list mail for non-list content were removed from Ctrl+O | Preferences | System and moved to Alt+G | Mailing List Settings.

[14266] Some visual oddities with the red/green background color of password fields within the Account Editor were fixed

[13746] Added some new conditions to the account manager including showing only accounts which are forwarding, which are over-quota, or which have autoresponders configured.

The IP Screen editor has been reorganized.

[12475] The Subject column is displayed when viewing the Bad Queue.


Added several new options to Ctrl+S | Screening | Hijack Detection which let you set different message and timing thresholds depending on the source IP of the incoming connection. You can set separate limits for connections from reserved IPs, local domain IPs, and all other IPs.

MDaemon's reserved IPs are mostly as defined by RFCs (127.0.0.*, 192.168.*.*, 10.*.*.*,, ::1, FD00::/8, FEC0::/10, and FE80::/64).  Local domain IPs are all the IPs configured for any MDaemon domain. To preserve existing behavior, the defaults treat all types the same.



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