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C&C Software - Canadian Distributor for MDaemon Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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MDaemon Server v17.0 Release Notes

MDaemon 17.0.2 - May 19, 2017



MDaemon 17.0.1 - May 16, 2017


[16456] Hosted email options with MDaemon Private Cloud are now available. To learn more, please visit:



MDaemon 17.0.0 - March 21, 2017


[17978] The option "Enable APOP & CRAM-MD5" found at F2|Server Settings|Servers has changed to disabled by default for security and technical reasons. Using TLS is the preferred way to avoid transmission of passwords in the clear.

[17977] The "Global AUTH Password" setting at Ctrl+S|Sender Authentication|SMTP Authentication has been deprecated and removed.

[18067] All settings related to ADSP found at Ctrl+S|Sender Authentication|DKIM Verification and a single option related to the use of the RS= tag found at Ctrl+S|Sender Authentication|DKIM Settings have been deprecated and removed.

[17337] In-browser WorldClient Instant Messenger (WCIM) has been removed from the LookOut and WorldClient themes due to incompatibility with the new XMPP WCIM server.

[8314] The option "Store mailbox passwords using non-reversible encryption" (see below) is disabled by default for existing installs to avoid breaking anything for anyone who depends on incompatible features, but for security reasons we recommend enabling it if you can.

[17122] WorldClient Instant Messenger (WCIM) now uses the XMPP protocol for instant messaging, which is not compatible with the old chat protocol. Users who do not update to the new version will not be able to instant message with users who have updated. Address book synchronization with Outlook has been removed from WCIM.


[17122] XMPP support for WorldClient Instant Messenger (WCIM)

WCIM now uses the XMPP protocol for instant messaging instead of WorldClient's proprietary protocol. This allows the WCIM desktop client to communicate not only with other WCIM clients, but any third-party XMPP clients (including mobile clients) connected to your MDaemon's XMPP server.

WCIM now has two types of connections, "WCMailCheck" which connects to WorldClient for new mail notifications and message counts, and "WCIMXMPP" which connects to the XMPP server for instant messaging. When updating to version 17, WCIM will automatically migrate IM contacts from the old system to XMPP and create a WCIMXMPP account.


A new screen has been added to Ctrl+W|WorldClient (web mail)|Dropbox. Here you will find controls where you can enter your Dropbox "app key", "app secret", and privacy policy text. All are needed in order to enable the integrated service and they are all obtained when you register your WorldClientas a Dropbox "app" by visiting the Dropbox website. We cannot do this for you but it only needsdoing once. Please see Knowledge Base article 1166 for complete instructions on how to register your WorldClient as an app with Dropbox.

Once the "app key" and "app secret" are configured WorldClient will be able to connect their accounts to a Dropbox account. The first time a user logs into WorldClient theme or LookOut theme, the user will be presented with a dropdown at the top of the page. The user has three options, view the dropdown on next login, never show it again, or go to the new Options | Cloud Apps view. On the Options | Cloud Apps view, the user can click the Setup Dropbox button. Doing so will open an OAuth 2.0 popup. The popup details what the user is connecting to, and what authorizations WorldClient is requesting. There is also a link to the privacy policy, and "Connect to Dropbox" button. Once the user clicks the "Connect to Dropbox" button, the page will navigate to Dropbox. If the user is not logged into Dropbox, Dropbox will present a site for them to either login or create an account. Once this step is completed, the user will be presented with another Dropbox page that asks if the user would like to allow WorldClient to have full access to his/her account. Clicking "Allow", will take the user back to WorldClient and tell the user whether or not the authorization was a success. This authorization is good for one week after which time the same screen is presented again and another access token is obtained and used for a subsequent week. Once authorization is completed, the user will be presented with a Dropbox icon next to each message attachment. Clicking the icon will result in the attachment being saved to the user's Dropbox account under the /WorldClient_Attachments folder.

In the Compose view for WorldClient and LookOut themes, users will be able to choose files from their Dropbox accounts by clicking the Dropbox icon in the HTML editor's toolbar (top left). This feature does not require the users to setup access to their accounts via the Options | Cloud Apps view and OAuth 2.0. It only requires the "app key" and "app secret".

Dropbox integration is disabled by default. The "Enable Dropbox Integration" checkbox will enable it for all users, or the admin can enable access on a per-user basis by adding "DropboxAccessEnabled=Yes" to the User.ini.



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