C&C Software Saturday, December 10, 2016

PureSight - Web Filter for Wingate

[Current version of PureSight is 8.0.1]

With the range of different information available on the Internet, administrators are often faced with the task of trying to prevent their workers from accessing content that they deem inappropriate.

Administrators are increasingly concerned with employees access to non work related sites, such as on-line gambling, personal web-mail, dating sites and chat sites.

The answer to controlling this traffic can be found in PureSight for WinGate, an optional plug-in for WinGate proxy server.

PureSight for WinGate is a content recognition system that scans incoming traffic for inappropriate content. Using an artificial intelligence technology from Icognito, PureSight for WinGate gives administrators the ability to block sites that contain references to sex or gambling, based on level of certainty that the page being accessed contains such content.

PureSight for WinGate can be tailored to meet most of an organisation's needs. With this filtering, PureSight for WinGate allows administrators the freedom of being able to ban some or all inappropriate sites, or allow users access to specific pages based on their pre-ordained selections.

For effective content control and peace of mind, PureSight for WinGate is ideal.

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