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"Internet Gateway and Threat Management Server - Now with HTTPS Inspection"
[Current version of WinGate is 9.0.6 - Release Notes]

WinGate Features

WinGate has a comprehensive array of features outlined below. They fall into 7 main categories. There are too many features to list below, for a full set, see the help documentation. Items in blue have further information available.

Connectivity - Sharing and controlling Internet access

Web Access Control - An impressive range of options for preventing unauthorized Internet traffic.

Security - Stateful, packet-level firewall and HTTPS Scanning protects the entire network from Internet-based intrusions.

Administration - Monitor web usage and traffic

Performance - Enhance the performance of your Internet connection

Email - Yes, WinGate includes a full featured email server!

Reliability - Redundancy and failover options

Did You Know?

Looking to replace
ForeFront TMG®?

WinGate has what you need!

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