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[Current version of WinGate is 9.4.5 - Release Notes]

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Release Notes
Click on the link above view changes and fixes in the current release.
Click on the link above to access setup guides, release notes etc.
Technical FAQ
Click on the above link to access a compilation of the most frequently asked technical questions.

Utility Downloads
RIPv2Client - Necessary for VPN installations where the client machines are not pointing to the WinGate server as their default gateway. For VPN installation instructions click here.
Download the RIPv2Client here.

Email Support
If you cannot find an answer to your question on our support pages, please feel free to email our technical support team at, we'll be glad to help.

Did You Know?

Product Review by TechStudio

"I immediately noticed the internet speed was way better than without the proxy server. Also, better administration and security measures can now be implemented to block certain websites and internet services, so you will have a more productive and secure working environment." ABASSON - TechStudio

Read the full review here:

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