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BackupAssist for Windows Desktop Licensing Info

With BackupAssist Desktop, you buy a license to use for as many installations (activations) as you need. The BackupAssist Desktop license is available with 12 or 24 months of subscription to BackupCare and provides update protection for each installation that uses this license.
**Without a subscription to BackupCare, you can not add any additional activations to a BackupAssist Desktop License.**

There are two types of desktop licenses available:

  • The BackupAssist Desktop license, which contains the backup, restore and recovery features you need to protect your desktops.
  • The BackupAssist Desktop with Cloud license, which adds the ability to back up the desktop to a cloud destination or a remote rsync server. Cloud Backup is added to all activations purchased for this license.

The initial purchase

A BackupAssist Desktop license is initially purchased as a Starter Pack for the number of activations(installations) you require. This starter pack will have a single key for all the activations.
A Starter Pack includes either a 12-month or 24-month BackupCare subscription. You make the choice when you purchase the Starter Pack. A pack with a 24-month BackupCare subscription is 50% more expensive than a 12-month subscription, but offers better value as the subscription is for twice as long.


  • Each time you renew a BackupCare subscription, you will have the choice of 12 or 24 months.
  • If the BackupCare subscription expires, the license and its activations will still be valid.
  • A BackupCare subscription is required to add more activations to a license, and provides a low cost upgrade path to newer versions of BackupAssist Desktop to all activations linked to the license.
  • There are no educational discounts for a BackupAssist Desktop license.

Download the 30-day FREE trial version and test it out for yourself.

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