Fully automated, "disk to disk to cloud" backup software for Windows Servers.

BackupAssist ER gives you all the traditional benefits of a straightforward backup software package, with the strong recovery options previously only found in more complex systems. Enterprise level backup and recovery at SME friendly pricing. Cyber-resilience has never been so easy!

What Is BackupAssist ER?

BackupAssist ER is a lightweight software package that you install onto your Windows machines.
  • Easily set up and schedule system image backups.
  • These backups can be sent locally (on-premise) and into the cloud.
  • Numerous recovery tools are provided - including granular file recovery, the VM Instant Boot recovery, the full Bare Metal Recovery, and granular recovery of Exchange Server items.
  • Recover locally (on-premise), or remotely (cloud) - from either your local or cloud backup.
  • CryptoSafeGuard helps keep your backups safe from ransomware.
  • Get the benefits and recovery options provided by DRaaS or appliance based systems, at a fraction of the cost.


BackupAssist ER protects your Windows systems with state-of-the-art backups, giving you the full range of recovery options for different circumstances - P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V, P2C, V2C.
This delivers enduring resilience to cyber events, keeping you in business even if disaster occurs. Let's look into the technical details.

Next Generation, Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud backup

Modern cyber-resilience requires system backups that are stored both onsite and offsite. BackupAssist ER delivers this with a fully automated backup system.

VM Instant Boot for Emergency Response

Get running again in just a few minutes.
If your server goes down, and productivity has ground to a halt. VM Instant Boot allows you to boot your backup directly as a Hyper-V Guest machine.

Bare Metal Recovery with Lifeline Recovery Media

When the worst happens and you need to do a full server rebuild from bare metal, reach for your Lifeline Recovery Media.

Granular Recovery for Files, Exchange and Apps

Oftentimes, your recoveries will be in response to user accidents. When all you need back are some files or emails, BackupAssist ER's granular recovery comes to the rescue.

CryptoSafeGuard Protection against Ransomware

Ever wonder why so many businesses still have to pay ransoms, despite having backups? CryptoSafeGuard mitigates many of the risks associated with ransomware.

Shield your backup files from ransomware attack

Without CryptoSafeGuard:
Ransomware can attack your backup files directly in exactly the same way that it can attack data files on any of your infected systems.

With CryptoSafeGuard:
CryptoSafeGuard blocks unauthorized file access to the backup files, providing a shield between your backup files and ransomware.

Detect, Preserve, Alert

Without CryptoSafeGuard:

The other way ransomware can harm your backups is indirectly, by attacking files on your file system. When the next backup runs, those corrupted files will be backed up, displacing your original files.

With CryptoSafeGuard:

When suspicious activity is detected, CryptoSafeGuard springs into action, preserving the last known-good backup, and sending an SMS alert to the registered administrator.