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Current release is v10.5.1 Release Notes


  • Licensing
    BackupAssist v6
  • Supported OS
    Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, SBS 2008, SBS 2011, Hyper-V Server

Bootable Recovery Enviroment

Bare Metal Disaster Recovery (BMDR) Made Easy with RecoverAssist! RecoverAssist is a superior replacement for the Windows Recovery Enviroment. Easily create your own custom recovery disc with your device drivers already loaded with a simple to use wizard. Recover HDDs, Network Shares, RDX Drives as well as iSCSI targets and VHD Containers.

Loaded with useful tools, as well as diagnostics and command line access.

RecoverAssist can even help recover broken recoveries on dissimilar hardware or recoveries previous created with Windows Recover Enviroment thought to be unrecoverable.

Recover to dissimilar hardware

RecoverAssist works where Windows Recoveries fail

Automatically adjusts the appropriate settings in Windows when recovering to different hardware.

Avoid many Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) problems that often occur when recovering using Windows.

Easy to add hardware drivers

Add hardware device drivers to your Recovery Enviroment to cater for current hardware.

Easy to include drivers from or manufacturer's discs.

Add additional drivers as they are released for a foolproof solution.

Recover from different devices

Recover from all the standard backup devices that are supported by Windows RE

Reover from additional devices supported by RecoverAssist.

Build your own recovery media

Build your own Recovery Boot Media with an easy to use wizard.

Create from your your currently installed version of Windows, or other supprted version by inserting the Windows installation DVD.

Wide range of boot media supported

Useful tools at your fingertips

Run a command prompt in the recovery enviroment.

Command Prompt

Run command line and diagnostic tools like:
diskpart.exe, bootsect.exe, net.exe, regedit.exe, robocopy.exe, bcdedit.exe, ipconfig.exe, cscript.exe, xcopy.exe, convert.exe, tracert.exe,, atrib.exe, finger.exe

Help repair broken recoveries

If a system was recovered:

  • to dissimilar hardware
  • using Windows Recovery Enviroment

and will not boot due to a Blue Screen of Death, then RecoverAssist can help repair the system and make it bootable.

Repair Recoveries

Download the 30-day FREE trial version and test it out for yourself.

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