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Current release is v10.5.3 Release Notes

Cloud Backup FAQ

Below is a list of the most common questions asked about BackupAssist 10 Cloud Backup.

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  • What restore and recovery options does Cloud Backup support?

  • How is my cloud container encrypted and password protected?

  • What is the content I see backed up in the cloud container?

  • Does Cloud Backup support deduplication?

  • What can I do with the contents I can see in the Cloud Backup's container?

  • Why does BackupAssist say a bucket/container "must not be shared between backup jobs or machines"?

  • What speeds can I expect for Cloud Backup and cloud restores?

  • Can I pick my own cloud service provider?

  • Does Cloud Backup support Amazon Glacier?

  • What operating systems does Cloud Backup support?

  • Does Cloud Backup support backups of Hyper-V guests on Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)?

  • Can I restrict the size of my cloud containers?

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