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Fully Automated Offsite Windows Server Cloud Backups

  • License Requirements
    BackupAssist Core License with the Cloud Addon OR Cloud Standalone..

Cloud Backup is a BackupAssist add-on that allows you to back up data to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3, S3 Compatible cloud storage or WebDAV enabled cloud storage. Cloud Backup is a best practice cyber-resilience solution and is our recommended backup type for all servers.

Why Choose This Add-on?

You're looking to backup files, folders and applications to the cloud for disaster recovery. The Cloud Backup add-on is your complete cloud storage solution, it offers:
  • Public Cloud Backup (Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3)
  • Private Cloud Backup (with Rsync or WebDav)
  • Secure, Military-grade AES Encryption (Protects your Data)
  • Deduplication & Data Compression (lowers storage requirements)
  • Extremely Easy Setup - it takes seconds!

If you want the ability to perform easy and swift offsite backups, then our Cloud Backup add-on is for you.

What Cloud Backup Can Do For You

Want to store your backups on Azure or Amazon, a private cloud server, or an offsite data center? BackupAssist Cloud Backup lets you simply and securely do just that. Transfer files, folders and even applications.

Public Cloud Backup

Swiftly and easily transfer your backup data to public cloud providers such as Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Insulated Encryption

Create encrypted backup containers. Fully private with 256 it AES Encryption at rest and in transit means even your cloud provider can’t access your data.

Efficient Transfers

Never send the same data twice. If backups get interrupted, they will automatically resume where they stopped.

Private Cloud Backup

Securely store your backup data on a private cloud server or an offsite data center using either Rsync or WebDav.

Compress and Deduplication

Greatly reduce your bandwidth use and storage space needs when backing up to the cloud.

Data Compression

Archive optimal bandwidth use through the compression of your data packets as they're sent across the internet.

More Questions Regarding Cloud Backups?

Download the 30-day FREE trial version and test it out for yourself.

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