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Current release is v12.0.5 Release Notes New in v12

File Mirroring & Backup using File Replication

Start with the simplest concept of backing up: copying a file from A to B. Then add VSS support. Then add a transparent single-instance-store to save space, and intelligent differential backups to make it fast. Then add hardware support and scheduling with media rotation.

What you then have is a totally new, flexible and versatile way of backing up your file system, allowing you to retain hundreds of days of backup history and file versions at minimal cost; backup massive data sets in small periods of time, and perform one-step restores because although every backup is a differential, it looks just like a full.

Simple, elegant, powerful - the way backups should be!

  • Exact copies of files - all attributes preserved, with VSS support
  • Extensive hardware support with media rotation and scheduling
  • Can be combined in a Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape, Disk-to-disk-to-NAS or Disk-to-disk-to-Internet strategy
  • Replace legacy robocopy scripts with a fully monitored backup system

Mode 1: Simple Data Mirror

Simple Data Mirror

Create an exact replica of your selected files and folders to a backup device.

Great for replicating your file system, LOB backups, or other data to a different location. For example, use rotating USB HDDs (eg. 5 drives swapped daily, stored onsite and offsite).

Mode 2: Backup with History

Backup with history

Create a series of mirrors on your backup device, one for each day. Each day’s backup looks exactly like a self-contained mirror of your data. To restore, simply copy all the files back.

However, our single instance store is working unseen to the user, ensuring that only one unique copy of each file is stored. This dramatically increases the amount of backup history that can be stored on a single backup device by a factor of tens or hundreds!

The best thing is that the single instance store is totally transparent — so you can copy your files back without any proprietary software, and on any machine! You can also search for files within your backups, just like in any normal file system.

Fast Performance

Using our “side-by-side” differential comparison technology, only the differences between your live file system and your backup device need to be copied across. So your initial backup will replicate all your data to the backup device, and subsequent backups will only replicate the changes. This makes it eminently suitable for backing up huge data sets in limited time.

Thanks to its speed and design, it’s also suitable in a disk-to-disk-to-tape, disk-to-disk-to-NAS or disk-to-disk-to-Internet setup.

Combine with Media Rotation

Example Media rotation

The standard practice of swapping backup devices is great for taking backups offsite, and insuring against damage to a backup device.

Combine our Single Instance Store with media rotation to provide a rich backup history and achieve enhanced data protection. Our range of best-practice built-in schemes make this as simple as clicking a button!

Robocopy Replacement

You can also use the BackupAssist File Replication Engine as a replacement for Robocopy, with the following advantages:

  • Full monitoring, reporting and scheduling
  • VSS support
  • Easy to set up UI
  • Single instance store for backup history

Download the 30-day FREE trial version and test it out for yourself.

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