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Release Notes for BackupAssist v11

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Release Description

BackupAssist Classic v11.2.2

June 1, 2022

Cloud Backup enhancements

  • Updated the region list for the Wasabi destinations to include those added since the previous release of Classic.
  • Added a message in the backup warnings for skipped files to describe the cause, which may be timeouts, protocol issues, or many other reasons.

Cyber Black Box enhancements

  • Suppress minor backup warnings previously shown due to issues collecting some low priority pieces of forensic information.

Email Notifications enhancements

  • Gmail is no longer a supported SMTP server in BackupAssist.

BackupAssist Classic 11.2.1

March 21, 2022

Cloud Backup:
  • Improved retry capability for one particular type of background S3 exception seen to cause skipped files. Not reproducible.
  • Improved the consistency of bandwidth usage when throttling is enabled within BackupAssist
  • Added generalised warnings about unnecessary settings and undesirable changes to S3-compatible buckets:
    • - The objects stored in cloud buckets should not be changed manually nor by using Lifecycle settings or 3rd party software.
    • Avoid unnecessary costs by disabling historical version retention in your bucket. BackupAssist Classic manages backup history directly.

    • Fixed issue when a corrupted backup catalogue may fail backup jobs.
    • Fixed backup process crash seen on one specific international version of Windows, due to an unusual system locale. Not reproducible.

    • Fixed problem so that encrypted Rsync backups can again be loaded using the Discover backups feature. Only works for backups made in the new version.
    • Allow some rsync command line options to be replaced for troubleshooting or backup purposes.

    Cyber Black Box:
    • Added capability to download Cyber Black Box forensic data from Cloud Backups, with a dedicated option in the Integrated Restore Console.

    • Fixed an issue causing only partial detection of System backups for some network paths

    Exchange Granular Restore
    • Added support of Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 CU11
    • Added support of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 CU22
    • Added support of Windows Server 2022
    • Added support of Windows 11
    • Added Debug Logging feature to make it easier to gather log files for troubleshooting
    • Fixed a bug when Public Folder items and Inbox were missing for some users
    • Fixed a bug when Mailboxes were missing for some users
    • Fixed a bug when Exchange restore could not perform export into the original mailbox in some cases

    • Updated reseller logo feature for v11.
    • Ensure that a warning is correctly logged in the backup report if there is a timeout or error during Cyber Black Box forensics collection.

BackupAssist Classic v11.2.0

December 1, 2021

    New Features

    • Support for BackupBlaze B2 as a dedicated Cloud Backup destination for file and application backup.
    • Server 2022 and Windows 11 support.
      • Includes fixed handling for multiple International OS versions.

    Cloud Backup enhancements

    • Cloud Backup "GFS" scheme now retains yearly backups as permanent archives (new and edited jobs only).

BackupAssist Classic v11.1.0

July 20, 2021

New Features

  • New dedicated destination option for Cloud Backups to Wasabi.
  • New report for backups missed due to the computer being in Sleep mode at the scheduled backup time.
  • New release of Exchange Granular Restore - includes support for Exchange 2019 up to CU9 and Exchange 2016 up to CU20.

Cloud Backup enhancements

  • Cloud backups that don't back up anything now fail with the error "BA20 No valid selections".
  • Backups to AWS and Azure destinations are now supported when TLS v1.0 is disabled.

Cyber Black Box enhancements

  • Forensics data collection is now executed separately from CryptoSafeGuard scanning.
  • The cyber black-box package file is now timestamped to allow easier sorting and correlation with other logs in the system.

Reporting and UI enhancements

  • We now report the size of SQL Protection backups in reports.
  • Include Exchange 2019 in Exchange Granular Restore button description.
  • The Help button in the top right corner of each screen now opens the Help menu instead of going to the online documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that stopped System Protection backups with the BA101 error after an unsuccessful attempt to remove old backups.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Delete previous backup" option for System Protection to NAS could incorrectly leave catalogues on the system for deleted backups.
  • Fix a bug causing a recovery from a System Protection backup on a UNC path to fail in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the application to crash when deselecting "Still Perform Scheduled Backup" option in "Run-Now" form.
  • Gaps in long path support (> 260 characters) have now been closed on all supported operating systems.
  • A user attempting to initiate a restore without the adequate backup privilege will no longer result in a crash.
  • Fixed issues with the collection of forensics in some rare cases.
  • Improved encryption password handling for Cloud Backup to avoid issues in some rare cases.
  • Fixed cloud destination checking to avoid throwing re-use errors for moved backups.
  • Fixed rare problem in cloud backup when failed file backup is not retried.
  • Fixed an issue preventing backups from being included in the list of backups available due to a long machine name.
  • Improved the accuracy of the volume progress display for cloud backups.
  • Non-recoverable backups are no longer listed in the Media Usage (Restore Points) section of the cloud backup report.
  • Fixed a problem where the oldest and newest backup times shown in a cloud backup report could be incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in corrupt CryptoSafeGuard result being created.
  • Improved the robustness of BackupAssist in the presence of incomplete CryptoSafeGuard result files.
  • Fixed the "Only overwrite older files" option in the Integrated Restore Console.
  • Fixed a bug where the restore console was not showing a drive if there was a local drive with ejected media at the same drive letter.
  • Fixed a problem recovering Hyper-V guests that could occur in rare circumstances.

BackupAssist Classic 11.0.1

May 20, 2021

Fixed backup failures when backing up into NAS destinations with a Data Container, after April 2021 Windows updates are installed.

Dec 8, 2020
  • NEW: Cyber Black Box recorder
    • Faster investigations, better remediations.
      After a cyber hacking incident, investigators rely on forensics to piece together what happened. Unfortunately, SMBs rarely gather and keep such evidence. Cyber Black Box captures vital forensics information in real time and includes them in the backups. Current and historical forensics are now available to investigators. To learn more, see Cyber Black Box.
  • NEW:Password protection for the BackupAssist Console
    • An extra layer of security. Ensures only authorized users can run the software. Prevents malicious actors from changing backup configuration. Set up a password and password hint. Secure password reset is available via BackupAssist customer service. To learn more, see Password protection.
  • NEW:S3-compatible destination for cloud backups
    • More options, smaller storage costs. Opens up more cloud storage options via public clouds providers like Wasabi and BackBlaze, and private cloud software packages like FreeNAS, MinIO, and Zenko CloudServer. Pick the right option to suit your security requirements, data handling / compliance needs, and budget. Full support for continuing incremental Cloud Backups after copying the container in full from one Cloud Backup destination to another (WebDAV is not supported). To learn more, see Cloud Backup
  • CryptoSafeGuard enhancements
    • Even better security against ransomware. Detection: Improved whitelisting by filename. QuickBooks restore instructions files no longer trigger false positives. Shielding: BackupAssist configuration and data files are shielded from corruption by ransomware and malicious change by hackers. To learn more, see BackupAssist CryptoSafeGuard
  • Other improvements and enhancements include:
    • New look UI design and improved main navigation.
    • Audit Log captures high level activities initiated by users of BackupAssist and the major activities of the BackupAssist Service and Executor.
    • RecoverAssist environments are safe to build from the local system after applying future untested Windows Updates. Also applies to Bootable Backup Media creation.
    • Installation no longer supported on unsupported Windows OS. V11 only installs on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, and Windows Server 2012 and later.
    • Installation requires Microsoft.Net 4.6.2 and will optionally install that version if required.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed rare service crash on startup when reporting job executions.
    • “Don’t keep deleted files” option for Rsync mirror not working.
    • CSG honeypots vulnerable to false positives when roaming profiles are enabled.
    • CSG Hyper-V guest scanning without snapshot since 10.5.4.
    • Fixed bug with restoring data from moved cloud backups.