BackupAssist Classic v12

BackupAssist Classic v12.0.2

Released January 23rd, 2023

  • Implemented new retry mechanism in Cloud Backup, for files that would otherwise be skipped (sometimes causing the backup to abort).
    • Reminder: If the number of skipped files reaches 100, the backup will be aborted. This number can be adjusted in the advanced “Cloud options”.
    • Fixed minor monitor issues when skipped files occur in Cloud backups.
  • Fixed ejection issue when ejectable media (eg. rdx) are backed up to as a network share from another machine
  • Fixed rare regression in 12.0.1 causing unhandled exceptions for some users using File Protection (BA103) and others using Test Restore (BA110).

BackupAssist Classic v12.0.1

(Not Released Publicly)

  • Fixed regression in NAS test connection causing Major Warnings in some environments (all protection types).
  • Fixed performance regression in File Protection, also fixed directory deletion issues (BA735 and others) in Basic and similar schemes.
  • Align Cloud Backup code between Classic and ER bringing incremental fixes and improvements.
  • Add VM Instant Boot support for encrypted backups.
  • Improve Test Restore’s ability to find the latest available backup to test.
  • Add password check before showing the selection options for restore from encrypted New System Protection backups.

BackupAssist Classic v12.0.0

Released November 3rd, 2022

NEW Advanced System Protection

  • Encryption support across all destinations
  • Full control over backup history
  • Hyper-V host level backup.
  • Instant virtual boot into backups (for unencrypted backups).
  • Bare metal recovery to smaller disks

NEW Test Restore

  • Works across most backup engines
  • Runs as a scheduled task
  • Tests both backup accessibility and backup integrity testing
  • Simple to consume test results report

NEW MBC Integration

  • You can now use the MBC online portal to monitor backup results