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Release Notes for BackupAssist Multisite Manager v9

Release Description
1 June 2017
  • General
    • 27592 Fixed a security vulnerability that affected customers running MultiSite Manager versions 9.4.3 to 9.5.1.
  • Email
    • 27733 Updated the daily notification Email subjects to include summaries of the site or machine's status.
  • User Interface
    • 28100 Improved the mail server setup to resolve a timeout error.
20 December 2016
  • BAMM-Backend
    • 26228 Resolved an issue that could cause a service start up crash.
9 November 2016
  • 26259 Fixed a bug that could cause MultiSite Manager's remote session connections to BackupAssist installations to fail. This fix requires updates to both MultiSite Manager and the BackupAssist Site Controller.
  • 26322 Resolves connectivity problems in MultiSite Manager environments effected by the "Unauthorized" error that could be introduced by BackupAssist 9.4.3/9.5.0 upgrades.
27 October 2016

There is no 9.5.0 release for MultiSite Manager. The latest version of MultiSite Manager is 9.4.3.

11 October 2016

There is no 9.4.3r1 release for MultiSite Manager. The latest version of MultiSite Manager is 9.4.3.

28 September 2016
  • 25269 When MultiSite Manager loses its old configuration (e.g. re-installed), previously registered Sites will now re-register themselves automatically.
  • 25289 Users can now reset their own passwords from the MultiSite Manager login screen.
  • 25672 Fixed a perpetual license activation issue in the MultiSite Manager Reseller build. This fix requires updating BackupAssist to 9.4.3, not MultiSite Manager.
  • 25910 Improve the sorting of sites and machines in the All Sites screens.
  • 25980 Items in the daily reports are now sorted by site then computer.

New password reset feature

MultiSite Manager has a new password reset feature that allows you to reset a password using the login screen’s Forgot password option, which will send a password reset email to the email address supplied. This means all MultiSite Manager user accounts must include the user’s email address. Email addresses can be added to any user by the administrator using the Welcome > User account option. A user can add an email address to their own account using the Welcome > Edit Account option. When a user without an email address logs on, they will be prompted to add an email address to their account.

As part of this new feature, we have simplified the email server setup. The email server is no longer set up under the Report tab > Global Email Report dialog or the Site Alerts > Site Email Report dialog. It is now only set up under the Welcome > Email server settings option that is available for administrators. If an email server has not been set up, the administrator will be prompted to set it up when they log in.

4 August 2016
  • BAMM-Backend
    • 25364 The RDP profile downloaded for MultiSite Manager will now expire after 1 hour, or if the user account is removed.
    • 25219 Fixed some MultiSite Manager timeout errors that could occur when updating Site Controllers.
13 July 2016

There is no 9.4.1 release for MultiSite Manager. The latest version of MultiSite Manager is 9.4.0.

16 June 2016
  • NEW : User account support
    • MultiSite Manager now supports the creation of user accounts with access to only selected sites. This new feature appears as the User accounts option under the Welcome menu when you log in using the MultiSite Manager administrator account. The user accounts option allows you to give a user access to only specific sites and to only receive the reports for those sites.
  • Licensing
    • 25315 Fixed a problem where trial extension activations could result in the error "An unknown licensing error has occurred". (GMC_BA-1191)
  • BAMM-Backend
    • 25052 Added a new feature to MultiSite Manager that allows user accounts to be created with access to specific sites.
25 May 2016

There is no 9.3.1 release for MultiSite Manager. The latest version of MultiSite Manager is 9.3.0.

27 April 2016
  • BAMM-Backend
    • 24727 Fixed a problem that could arise with MultiSite Manager's internal interface URL. (GMC_BA-1148)
    • 23552 Improved the remote installation dialog's UI and validation.
    • 23730 Improved some of MultiSite Manager's remote installation error messages.
22 March 2016

There is no 9.2.3 release for MultiSite Manager. The latest version of MultiSite Manager is 9.2.2.

18 February 2016
  • BAMM
    • 23934 BackupAssist installations provisionally registered with Site Controller will now automatically remove themselves from Provisionally registered lists when shutting down or when settings are changed to disable provisional registration.
    • 23909 BackupAssist installations now show whether they are Provisionally or Fully registered with a Site Controller.
  • BAMM-Backend
    • 24275 Fixed possible connection errors that can occur when MultiSite Manager is using HTTPS.
  • BAMM-Email
    • 24204 MultiSite Manager correctly checks its license capabilities when a user logs in. Legacy MultiSite Manager keys on migrated MultiSite Manager installations can be reactivated. (GMC_BA-1068, GMC_BA-1400)
    • 24176 When using a 'trial' version of MultiSite Manager, you can now manage licensed machines with valid or expired BackupCare, as well as managing trial BackupAssist installations. After the 30 day trial, you will need to purchase a MultiSite Manager license and renew BackupCare for all of your managed BackupAssist installations.
28 January 2016
  • Data Container
    • 24001 BackupAssist can now handle a verification error when the temporary directory is not available.
  • Exchange Granular Restore Add-on
    • 24121 Fixed an Exchange guest detection problem that caused authentication failures.
  • File Protection
    • 23928 Fixed a problem where File Protection backups were not deleting a temporary directory on NAS destinations.
  • File Protection (Rsync)
    • 24114 Added a new error code for the internal rsync error "TP_NUM_C_BUFS too small"
  • RecoverAssist
    • 22775 Fixed a bug in Bootable Backup Media creation where an exFAT partition exists for BIOS firmware machines.
    • 23706 Fixed an unmount problem for VHDs with Windows 10
    • 23078 Bootable Backup Media is no longer updated after every backup on EFI firmware
    • 22755 Warn users before proceeding if an existing partition must be shrunk to create a boot partition on an MBR disk for a computer using EFI firmware.
  • Restore Console
    • 23960 Fixed a "File on Guest" restore error that could occur under certain circumstances.
    • 23862 Fixed a problem with unmounting an iSCSI destination after a restore.
  • System Protection
    • 23171 Fixed a misleading 4K drive error
    • 23607 BackupAssist will now unlock a BitLocker destination prior to Shadow Protect Mode (SPM) retry (GMC_BA-1364)
    • 23731 If the Operating System does not support a Files and Folders System Protection backup, BackupAssist will not allow a granular files and folders backup selection.
  • UI
    • 24154 Improved iSCSI target detection to better support portals with multiple IP addresses
    • 23702 Make the restore option 'Files inside Hyper-V Guests' available on non Hyper-V machines.
    • 24053 Fixed a UI exception that could occur when viewing a System Protection backup's Imaging options.
    • 21223 Fixed a error message that could appear when preparing portable media for a backup.
30 September 2015

BackupAssist MultiSite Manager

  • MultiSite Manager v9 now fully supports BackupAssist v9 and can be used to remotely manage BackupAssist v8 and BackupAssist v9 machines.
  • MultiSite Manager Site Controllers can run BackupAssist v8 or BackupAssist v9
  • MultiSite Manager v9 can be used to remotely update machines (including Site Controllers) from BackupAssist v8 to BackupAssist v9