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eScan - Activating Your License

Activating your NEW eScan License

1. Click on the Start button, then on Programs -> eScan for Windows -> eScan Registration. Enter the 30 character License key which you would have received after purchasing eScan and then click on Apply.

2. A new License Information window will be displayed further.

3. Right-click on the 30 character key displayed under Standard Key (Thirty character) tab and click on Add Activation Code.

4. Select "Register Activation Code" radio button and click on Register.


5. Fill in your Personal Information and click on Next.

6. In the next window you will have 2 options to register eScan (Online and Email) If you are registering using the "Online" option, make sure your PC is connected to the internet and then click on Next.

7. A new 60 character key will be added in the License Information window automatically and it will activate eScan.

8. If you select the "Email" option and click on Next, a new email will get composed automatically having all the details provided by you during the Registration wizard.

9. Email this information to register@mwti.net. If you do not have email set up on this machine then get the information from the file that's been created in the root of the eScan folder, Emailcontent.txt and email from a different location.

Entering Your Renewed eScan License

Activating your renewed eScan license couldn't be easier!
  • Click on the Start button
  • then on Programs -> eScan for Windows -> eScan Registration
  • Click the "RENEW" button - the software will automatically go out and check with our servers to retrieve the new license key.
  • Once it updates your Standard Key you can continue with the registration.

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