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Email Server - Exchange Alternative
Current version of MDaemon Messaging Server is v23| Release Notes |QuickStart Guide

MDaemon Technologies Product Activation

  • What is product activation?

  • Who has to activate?

  • Why did MDaemon Technologies add product activation to their software?

  • What MDaemon Technologies products require activation?
  • How does activation work?
  • What hardware does activation use? What happens when I change out my Network Interface Card?
  • I have multiple Network Interface Cards. Is this a problem?
  • How many times can I activate?
  • How long is the grace period for activation?
  • What happens to me in the event of a disaster recovery?
  • What happens to me when I install my MDaemon Technologies product on a new computer?
  • What happens if the product is discontinued?
  • Will I have to activate each time I upgrade to new versions of my MDaemon Technologies product?
  • My computer has multiple failover Network Interface Cards. What happens when the one used during activation dies?
  • The computer running my MDaemon Technologies product has no Internet access. How can I activate?
  • I don't want to risk transmitting anything to MDaemon Technologies and would prefer to activate manually. Is this possible?
  • What happens to me if my license key has already been activated by a pirate?
  • How does registration affect our current license key and upgrade protection?
  • Will I have to reactivate when I upgrade my license size or purchase more upgrade protection?
  • Some sample screen shots of the activation process

"This e-mail server is extremely affordable, is easy to set up, and it integrates all of the features necessary to deploy a complete corporate mail solution.""

Tom Yager of InfoWorld

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