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MDaemon Private Cloud for Service Providers

Affordable and Flexible Email Software to Build and Grow Your Hosting Services

Bring all the features, ease of use, and reliability of the email server that small and medium businesses have trusted since 1996 to your customers.

MDaemon Private Cloud email messaging software enables you to build and grow your hosting services the way you want. You set your own profit margins and you manage billing and support because you own the customer relationship.

Features Include:

  • Monthly per user/per month billing
  • Multi-domain administration
  • Per domain reporting
  • Microsoft Outlook Support
  • Antivirus and Outbreak Protection
  • ActiveSync for MDaemon
  • Closed Instant Messaging Network

View MDaemon's full feature set here

Advantages for Service Providers

  • Expand service offering with low cost email and collaboration software.
  • Customize web mail with individualized logos.
  • Easy troubleshooting tools for rapid response and support.
  • Solid reputation and trusted performance of email technology since 1996.

You Own the Customer Relationship. We're Just Here to Help.

Our goal is to enable you to build a strong services business without a lot of complexity. We're not a big corporation. We're just like you: a small-to-medium business that has been serving other small-to-medium businesses around the world for nearly two decades.

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