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ComAgent is fully integrated with MDaemon. ComAgent is a small tray-based applet that runs on the users local computer. It monitors their MDaemon mailbox and alerts when new messages arrive. It provides quick access to email, address books, and calendars, via WorldClient. ComAgent also includes Instant Messaging functionality which allows your users to communicate and share files in a real-time, secure, and accountable fashion. ComAgent also serves as an address book synchronization tool automatically keeping your Outlook/Outlook Express and Windows Address Book synchronized with WorldClient. ComAgent is included FOR FREE with every MDaemon.

Some ComAgent Features:

  • Automatic Address Book Synchronization
    ComAgent has been enhanced to work with LDaemon, Alt-N’s free LDAP server, in order to provide automatic two-way address book synchronization between LDaemon and all software that uses the Windows Address Book to store contact information. It can also synchronize with Microsoft Outlook’s contact folders.
  • Simple Instant Messaging System
    ComAgent provides a built-in Instant Messaging system. You can see which of your fellow MDaemon users are online and ready to receive an IM.
  • Auto-configures itself when downloaded from WorldClient
    Users do not configure server information; this is all done automatically when ComAgent is downloaded from WorldClient.
  • Monitors for new mail
    ComAgent will check for new mail at a user-specified interval
  • Displays message counts per folder
    For each folder, ComAgent’s menu shows how many messages are in it, how many are unread, and how many are new since the last time it checked for mail.
  • Notifies you when new messages arrive
    When new mail is found, ComAgent can notify you. You can configure it to flash its icon, play a sound, pop up a message, or more!
  • Can be configured as the default email client
    When ComAgent is the default mail client, email links in web pages or other documents will open up a browser window to WorldClient’s compose page instead of loading up some other email client.
  • Easy access to WorldClient
    ComAgent contains menu commands to open WorldClient to different message folders, new messages, WorldClient’s calendar, compose pages, and more!

For a full list of MDaemon features, please see the MDaemon Features or download a free, fully functional 30-day trial now.

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