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MDaemon     MDaemon Feature List
Current version of MDaemon Messaging Server is v23| Release Notes |QuickStart Guide

ODBC Support for Account Storage - Pro Only
It is now possible to store account data in an ODBC accessible database and have MDaemon use that as its account database backend.

XML Contact Synchronization - Pro Only
Address book synchronization between ComAgent/WorldClient/Outlook/WAB has been changed to a new XML based method.

ODBC Support for Mailing Lists - Pro Only
Mailing Lists in MDaemon can be configured to pull list membership from an ODBC data source.

Performance Enhancements
Overall performance of MDaemon has been improved.

SSL Support for WorldClient
SSL support has been added to the WorldClient web server.

Tarpitting & Automatic IP Screening
New security features in MDaemon allow you to more easily discourage un-authorized users from trying to use your MDaemon server.

ComAgent Java Edition
A Java version of ComAgent has been developed to provide instant messaging functionality on any OS that supports Java

Smarter Message Routing
When MDaemon sends messages it will now consider 'A' record IP addresses found within MX records when looking for irrelevant RRs.

Improved IMAP folder Sharing - Pro Only
MDaemon has setup for sharing IMAP folder. You will need to set the rights up in MDaemon GUI.

Support for InsightConnector from Bynari Inc. - Pro Only
This plug-in adds ACL support to Outlook's IMAP capability and also allows you to use MDaemon as a complete replacement for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Improved Public IMAP Folders - Pro Only
Public IMAP folder system has been enhanced to allow more control over the access levels that individuals have.

Simple Instant Messaging System - Pro Only
ComAgent provides a built-in Instant Messaging system. You can see which of your fellow MDaemon users are online and ready to receive an IM.

Automatic Address Book Synchronization - Pro Only
ComAgent can be used to synchronize address books between LDaemon and the Windows Address Book.

Shared Calendaring and Scheduling - Pro Only
WorldClient now includes Shared Calendaring and Scheduling that allows appointments, meetings, and memos to be scheduled.

Greatly Improved Spam Blocking
The Spam Blocker now waits until later in the SMTP session to give a permanent error, this also allows for the creation of a Spam Blocker log file.

Ghosts / Terminal Service Support
MDaemon support for configuring MDaemon via a Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Services session.

Automated Configuration Backup
Automated Configuration Backups allows you to configure MDaemon to backup its configuration files on demand and/or at midnight at each night.

Logging by Service
MDaemon now has the capabilities to maintain separate logs files for each service.

Public Folder Per User Flag System
Public folders now store flags (i.e. new/unread/deleted) on a per user basis, users will no longer share flags globally.

Host Screening
Host screening added so you can define to accept or deny mail from a remote host.

Smarter Smart Spooling
MDaemon spooling has changed its spooling to fix a problem with multiple recipients and having one invalid recipient.

Configuration Caching
MDaemon now uses an, in memory caching system for the settings found in many of the configuration files.

Improved Import/Export Capabilities
The import/export processes have been enhanced to work with comma delimited files and also to contain many more fields than in the past.

Run WorldClient under IIS
WorldClient can now be configured to run as a Virtual Directory under IIS.

Improved Command Processing
All control commands that MDaemon processes for mailing lists and catalogs can now be sent in the subject of the message.

Improved List Subscribe/Unsubscribe
The Subscribe/Unsubscribe process has been improved to make it easier for users to subscribe and unsubscribe from mailing lists.

Vastly Improved WorldClient
WorldClient has been improved to function like a true IMAP4 client.

Enhanced Spam Blocking
The Spam Blocker can now be configured to check the IP addresses found in all 'Received' headers within SMTP and DomainPOP collected messages.

Enhanced MultiPOP Collection Options
We've added a new collection method for MultiPOP mail. You can now elect to collect this sort of mail 'dynamically'.

WebAdmin is a free add-on program that allows web based remote configuration of MDaemon.

Integration of WorldClient Pro - Pro Only
WorldClient Pro is web-based email that enables users to access email using a web browser rather than a workstation dependent email client.

LDaemon LDAP Server Support - Pro Only
Support for LDaemon has been integrated into MDaemon.

LDAP Database Capabilities - Pro Only
MDaemon can now use an LDAP server or a local disk file for account data storage.

Automatic Gateway Creation Based on MX Records - Pro Only
MDaemon can now automatically create a gateway for a domain based on MX and A records with an automatic notification to the postmaster.

Custom Mail Queue Support - Pro Only
MDaemon can now monitor several locations from which to send mail.

Public Folders- Pro Only
Public folders are extra folders which are available to IMAP users in addition to their private IMAP folders.

IMAP Server Side Mail Rules - Pro Only
Added support for IMAP server side mail rules.

LDAP Address Book Support - Pro Only
LDAP address book support for email clients and WorldClient Pro.

IMAP Engine - Pro Only
MDaemon now supports the IMAP, Internet Mail Access Protocol.

Multiple Domain Support - Pro Only
MDaemon now has full support for hosting multiple domains.

Unique Address Book for each Domain - Pro Only
MDaemon can now store the public address book for each domain in a unique file.

Improved Language Support - Pro Only
Support for English-UK was added to WorldClient.

Master Everyone mailing lists - Pro Only
MDaemon now maintains a master everyone mailing list.

WorldClient Multilanguage Support - Pro Only
Multilanguage support added to WorldClient.

Microsoft Outlook Look-alike Theme - Pro Only
Provides WorldClient users with the 'look and feel' of familiar software.

Simple Theme Added Pro Only
Simple Theme was added to WorldClient.

Auto IMAP Rules Referencing - Pro Only
When an IMAP folder is renamed, all IMAP rules referencing the folder are updated with the new name.

Address Book Replication - Pro Only
Allows you to replicate your address book for WorldClient users.

COM System
A COM system was added to MDaemon's API

Improvements to WorldClient
WorldClient makes it possible for users to access email via a web browser, rather than from a workstation dependent email client.

Integrated Anti-Virus Support
Anti-virus scanning is now integrated into MDaemon with an anti-virus plugin

Improved Content Filter Processing
MDaemon's performance has been increased by splitting the content filtering engine into a separate process.

GUI Update
MDaemon's GUI has been completely redesigned to a new multi-tab format for easier use.

Enhanced Relay Control
MDaemon can now authenticate an SMTP session using the domain gateways AUTH properties to securely relay mail.

Improved Account Restrictions
MDaemon has the capability to control both the sending and receiving abilities of accounts.

Inactive Account and Old Mail Purging
The inactive account and old mail purging system is able to delete inactive account and mail older than xx days.

Integration with Outlook/WAB Address Book
A system was added to MDaemon to mirror or publish to a windows address book file.

Enhanced Domain Gateway Hosting
Mail stored in a Gateway is now spooled from the gateway directory instead of being moved to the remote queue. This improves MDaemon’s performance.

Enhanced MDaemon API
The API system is now more functional due to the addition of mailing lists and Domain gateways.

Enhanced List Pruning
MDaemon can now remove members from a mailing list who cannot be reached by storing and pruning the bounce notifications.

Reverse Lookup Verification
MDaemon can be configured to do reverse lookups on incoming SMTP mail.

Improved Aliasing Logic
New Aliasing Logic was added which allows you to alias mail to foreign hosts.

Improved and More flexible Email Security
A system was added to MDaemon to exempt messages sent to local users from the POP before SMTP requirement.

Smart Mail Spooling and Routing
MDaemon can be set to use Smart Spooling. This will allow MDaemon to do DNS lookups once per session instead of once per message.

Better MultiPOP Mail Handling
MultiPOP mail is now collected and placed directly into the local queue instead of in the user’s mailbox.

On-Demand Mail Relay (ATRN) support
MDaemon now provides support for ATRN.

Improved DomainPOP Download Control
A switch was added to the DomainPOP system that allows MDaemon to download messages according to size.

Improved SMTP Engine
The SMTP engine has been improved to increase efficiency.

Improved MDConfig
MDConfig now uses the Account Manager, and will show all gateway domains.

General Performance Enhancements
Performance and resource utilization has been enhanced in several important ways.

Improved Asynchronous Spam Blocker
The Spam Blocker engine has been enhanced for faster lookups.

Support for SMTP AUTH with the CRAM-MD5 algorithm has been added to MDaemon.

Improved Content Filter
The content filter rule evaluation process will now check rule conditions and perform rule actions concurrently in order to increase performance.

Improved use of the Quota System
The Quota system has been significantly enhanced in order to better fit the needs of users and administrators.

APOP Support and CRAM-MD5 Authentication
Support for the APOP command and the CRAM-MD5 authentication method has been added.

Dialup Control and Phone Line Utilization
MDaemon can be taught to distinguish between connections with mail clients that require RAS and those that do not.

Improved Friendlier GUI
Numerous GUI updates and changes have been completed.

Improved Use of Address Aliasing
The aliasing system now allows you to specify the order in which aliases are applied.

System Service Editor
Functionality has been added to allow MDaemon to access UNC paths and mapped network drives that require you to use a network logon.

Caching Spam Blocker Entries
A system was added to the Spam Blocker to allow the caching of Spam Blocker lookups. This will greatly increase the performance of the Spam Blocker.

More Powerful, Aliasing Sub-System
Allows for more powerful Aliasing system to control delivery of emails on your local system.

New Header Translation Feature
Allows for the replacement of text in the header with a new value.

Spam Blocker ORBS/MAPS-RBL Support
A Spam Blocker has been added with the ability to check the IP address of incoming connections against lists of blacklisted sites.

Improved Content Filter System
Improved Content filter with the and / or for making more complex rules for filtering email.

Message Precedence System
Allows for applying priority to messages and also increasing the amount of mail that can be in the raw queue.

POP Before Send Option
Functionality was added to MDaemon to allow it to work with ISP’s that are requiring you to check for new mail before sending email.

Programmable User Management / Message Sending API
An API system has been added to MDaemon.

Better Integration with WorldClient Pro
Integration of WorldClient and MDaemon. Built-in configuration with MDaemon.

New WorldClient Standard 2.0 Included
Standalone Client for use with MDaemon. Allows for checking, reading and composing email as well as other functions.

New Account Manager Feature
Better Account Management has been added to ease the selection, addition, deletion or modification of your email accounts.

More Mailing List Options
Added more options for Mailing Lists. Modifications to the membership screen to make it easier to use.

Speed Improvements
MDaemon has been improved to speed up the application. Some of the changes are optimizing the code, mode-less property sheets.

Quarantime Restricted Attachments
An option has been added to quarantine attachments when using the 'Restricted Attachments' utility of the content filter.

Import CSV files into Mailing Lists
MDaemon can now import CSV files into your mailing list membership.

Preserve X-RBL-Warning Headers
MDaemon can now be configured to preserve X-RBL-Warning Headers added by another MDaemon earlier in the message delivery process.

Reverse Functionality for over quota accounts
A option has been added to reverse the functionality for over quota accounts.

Fax From ComAgent
You can send a fax from ComAgent if you have RelayFax installed.

MDaemon Can Restart LDaemon
MDaemon can automatically restart LDaemon if it sees that it is not running when used as its backend.

SMTP Host Override
SMTP host can be overridden when changed in the Domains.ini.

MultiPOP Password Security for .dat File
Password encryption added to MultiPOP.dat file.

MultiPOP Encrypted Passwords
You can encrypt your MultiPOP passwords by starting the password with a "-".

Relay Control Security Option
Relay Control no has an option that can require all mail sent from any local account be in an authenticated session.

Default Language
WorldClient's language defaults to the installed language version of the MDaemon that was installed.

User Interface Improvements
MDaemon now saves splitter positions and field widths in the GUI.

Immediate Delivery of remote mail
An option has been added to the scheduler to force immediate delivery of remote mail.

Account Data Comment Field
Comments can be added to account data.

Sun OS Compatibility Switch
Sun OS compatibility switch added.

Auto Update Notification
New update checker notifies Postmaster for software updates.

MDConfig Version Control
Version control added to MDConfig which will allow you to set the version MDConfig should connect to a remote MDaemon as.

Server Toggle Logging
MDaemon will create a log entry each time any of the servers are toggled.

Gateway Mail Directories Automatically Created
Auto generated mail directory for new gateways.

Application Version Labeling
Standard or Pro tag added to software.

New key added to WorldClient Standard's WorldClient.ini. When set to Yes, it will use the first email alias as the default.

Shows the IP of the machine that sent the email to make it easier for the content filter rules to run.

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