MDaemon Connector for Outlook

unlocks the collaborative functions of Microsoft Outlook using MDaemon as the mail server and groupware platform. Outlook users can share Calendar, Task, Contact, Notes, and Journal folders without the expense or expertise required by Microsoft Exchange Server.

Why Use the MDaemon Connector?

Easy Installation
Outlook Connector is easy to install and setup on both MDaemon and Outlook.

Easy Sharing
Through Outlook, each account holders assigns content sharing options to other users.

Complete Sharing
Options for sharing vary from only showing the availability of the information to allowing complete control to create, change and delete.

The default settings of Outlook Connector create an easy entry point for beginners. At the same time, it's configuration options provide fine-tuning controls for experienced users and professionals.

Both Outlook Connector and MDaemon are economical to purchase, install, maintain and operate. They both run on either legacy or current hardware and software.

By using the MAPI service provider technology, which is Microsoft Outlook's native technology, Outlook Connector replaces the trouble-some PST files with fast and reliable local data storage.

All incoming messages go to the Outlook Inbox..

MDemon's groupware functionality makes professional-quality sharing available to budget-minded enterprises with or without IT personnel..