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MDaemon AntiVirus (formerly SecurityPlus)

Protect Your Business Against SPAM, Viruses and Malicious Email

SecurityPlus for MDaemon complements and extends the built-in security features of MDaemon, providing a shield to stop security trouble before it starts. By combining multiple powerful security safeguards it blocks virtually all known dangers, plus prevents infestation by newly released threats. It proactively protects email users against viruses, spam, phishing attacks, spyware and other types of unwanted and harmful email. It relieves pressure on network resources-including bandwidth, computer resources and time - by refusing entry to troublesome email. This frees an email server to help support improved communications among employees, partners, vendors and customers.

(For a listing of current viruses, visit VirusList.com.)

Zero-Hour™ Virus Outbreak Protection
Real-time pattern analysis provides much faster protection than traditional filter and signature based solutions that require detecting, defining, and disseminating new virus information.

Inline AntiVirus Scanning
SecurityPlus scans messages inline during each SMTP session effectively stopping malicious software at the email entrance to your network.

Urgent Update Notification
When a high-rick virus threat is identified, you can select to be notified and trigger SecurityPlus to automatically initiate a database update to the latest virus definitions.

Versatile Control
When an infected attachment is detected and you have selected to not block the message outright, you have the option to clean it, quarantine it, delete it or allow MDaemon's Content Filter to handle it.

This is only a partial list of SecurityPlus for MDaemon antivirus features. Please take a look at the complete feature list.

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